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please help me i hate scalp acne so much holy shit Anonymous 14697

I have very greasy scalp and hair and its so bad i get regular acne in my hair. I also get a lot of flakes because im picking at them and disrupting the whole scalp and then that makes it itchy which makes more flakes. I can't afford expensive shampoo treatments or oils what the hell do I do it makes me want to die

Anonymous 14698

Anonymous 14699

is it fine to use all these cleanser things in my hair??? I thought that was bad..

Anonymous 14702

Pick a shampoo from the list, one without stars next to it. Keep your hair tied back so you aren’t touching and wash your hair every day or second day with coolish water. Make sure to rinse properly or the dried excess soap can look like dandruff.

Anonymous 14703

Im sorry im really dumb I didn't even see that category. Im not sure which ones Ill be able to get but thank you nona

Anonymous 14704

If they have it in your country, I would get Neutrogena salicylic acid shampoo. Neutrogena t/gel is ok too.

Anonymous 14705

It’s ok. If you go to the table of contents at the top of that page, number 15 is shampoos. If you click that, it will take you to a list of shampoos. You can also just ctrl + f for “shampoo”.

Anonymous 14706

do i have to invest in conditioners that match these shower shampoos, or can i just use my regular cheap shit after? would it better to not use it at all sometimes? I don't think I can spend 40+ dollars on a matching set

Anonymous 14707

Just use a cheap one but only on the ends of your hair, don’t put it on the scalp.

Anonymous 14708

Forgot to say, another thing that works for dandruff is putting vinegar on your hair for a few minutes after you have rinsed the conditioner out. Then wash the vinegar out.

Anonymous 14716

Any shampoo or beauty product with sodium lauryl sulfate makes me break out in huge cystic pimples on my head, face, and back. I even have to buy toothpaste without it so my face doesn't break out.

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