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Anonymous 14733

Anyone here feel like they just look like a scarecrow or cheap whore when wearing makeup? I've recently been trying to get into it, to looksmax, but I feel like I end up looking ugly but with makeup and like picrel. Maybe it's because I just bought a bunch of cheap drugstore stuff to try. I can't afford any high-end makeup at the moment, though.

Anonymous 14734

Try some softer methods of wearing makeup like a tinted moisturiser/bb cream, brown mascara, tightline your eyes instead of eyeliner (you can use a dark eyeshadow or a pencil for this, nothing liquid) Use a liquid/cream blush on your cheeks and lips.
I don’t wear foundation or eyeshadow at all as it’s too harsh. If I wear a lipstick I add a little to my bottom lip and blot it around my lips. A highlighter is optional for me, but I place a little on the inner corner of my eyes, middle of my eyelid and a little on my cheekbone. You don’t need high end makeup to look put together, it’s actually better to start off cheap to find the products you are actually going to use. a lot of drugstore makeup brands are actually pretty solid quality. (Depending on where you are, they may not have these brands but I recommend nyx, elf, and essence)
Hope this helps Nona :)

Anonymous 14735

same I gave up doing makeup because I don't know how to make myself look better without going overboard with it since I also can't afford high end stuff
plus I have really hooded eyes to the point where I have no eyelid area so I can't wear eyeliner or eyeshadow either which limits my options even more

Anonymous 14736

What did you buy and how are you using it? You probably just aren't that good at applying it yet. Drugstore makeup isn't always great but it shouldn't make you look like a clown upon applying it either.

Anonymous 14738


>tinted moisturiser/bb cream

Ok, thanks. I was scared of foundation because of finding it too harsh and worried it would break me out, so I did buy BB cream instead. However the one I bought may be too light coverage, because I was mainly hoping it would cover my acne scars. Either that or my acne scars are too deep to fully hide. I also tried powdering and concealer after that, but it still wasn't enough.

>tightline your eyes instead of eyeliner (you can use a dark eyeshadow or a pencil for this, nothing liquid)

I had received magnetic eyelashes as a present that came with a magnetic liquid eyeliner so I had just been using that, but it has been pretty hard to apply. I've got very unsteady hands and my eyes keep twitching when I try to. I also can't blink with my left eye at all, so I have no idea how I can close it well enough to see the waterline on it. Hopefully a pencil will be easier.

> Use a liquid/cream blush on your cheeks and lips.

Why not a powder blush? The one I bought from the drugstore was in a powder, but I wasn't aware about liquid/cream ones. I'm really worried about my skin drying out, since I've been trying to add more hydration to my skin routine so if liquid form happens to be more hydrating I'd be interested.


So far, I've bought:

- Taupe e.l.f. instant lift brow pencil

- Physician's Formula Translucent Mineral Face Powder

- Milani Conceal + Perfect Nude Ivory

- Milani Rose Powder Blush

- An eyelash curler

- e.l.f. eyeshadow cream and sugar (Haven't tried it yet, but if it looks too harsh like >14734 mentioned I may ditch it)

- Some pink lipsticks and Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara that my mom gave me

Anonymous 14739



Oh, and the BB cream I got is the Moisturizing Holika Holika Petit BB Cream. I ordered it online after seeing this tutorial whose look I wanted to imitate for my Kotori Minami cosplay:


Anonymous 14740

(nta btw) A bb cream isn't going to cover up scars generally, they're closer to a tinted moisturizer. They may provide coverage for small blemishes and even out unevenskintone, especially asian/korean ones (as opposed to western ones) but don't expect full coverage of severe acne scars, they're not made for that.

A better option would be concealer, they're made for spot-concealing. But foundations, bbcreams and concealers are always tough no matter. Remember that if you have trouble making the one you bought work for you. I can guarantee you that the women you know who wear foundation have bought countless of products in the past that didn't work or match them.

>I also tried powdering and concealer after that

In that order, powdering then concealer? You should never apply creams or liquids on top of powder. There's a transulcent face powder in your list, you use that as a final step (if you want) to set your foundation (not sure if they're necerssary for bb cream honestly), but a translucent one won't provide more coverage.

>Why not a powder blush?

Powder generally accentuates texture. A liquid or cream blush tends to be more natural. That's not to say you can't use the one you already bought.

>magnetic eyelashes

I say just ditch that for now and start with 3-4 of the easiest things, when you get used to that you can move on to harder things like eyelasehs and eyeshadow. Tbh I'd start with these things: mascara (easy), brow pencil (filling in sparse brown makes a lot of difference), blush (should be easy enough to master). Maybe the bb-cream if you feel comfortable with that.

Anonymous 14742

Same, I think I don’t have good enough coordination to be able to blend eyeshadow properly or have good eyeliner. Lipstick is ok but I don’t like the feeling. Mascara is messy to apply but can be cleaned up though time consuming but I don’t usually bother.

The only make up I do wear is Glossier skin tint, concealer, and some light blush. Unless you have bad skin, you probably don’t need all the stuff that they try and push on you.

Anonymous 14916

Don't do anything too heavy and keep in mind that the heavey, contoured look that a lot of influencers go for only looks good with photoshop and staged lighting. Just stick to tinted moisturizer, matte powder to set it in place, and some eyeliner + tinted lip balm or lipgloss. Make sure you start with clean skin and plucked/shaped eyebrows and that you're using the right shade for your skin. Even with cheap drugstore products, you should be alright.

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