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Holy Grail Fashion Anonymous 14853

What fashion items are you currently searching for?

What items have you been able to find?

What have you given up on finding?

What are your wardrobe favorites?

Pic related I 've always wanted Carrie's pink and gold chain print Dior Saddle bag.

Anonymous 14857


Where can I get simple black Oxford shoes as a woman? I can easily find basic black Oxfords in the men’s section. But in the women’s section, they’re always a stupid color or have a stupid girly design on them. I just want a simple, all-black oxford with good padding.

Anonymous 14858


There are Oxford Doc Martens. Most of them have their iconic yellow stitching, but they do make all black ones.

Anonymous 14880

I tried these and they have a big bulky stylistic look to them like their boots. They weren’t cor me. :( Thank you for the suggestion though anon.

Anonymous 14881

Just find out your size is in men's shoes and wear them.

Anonymous 14883

I will just do this. I wish it didn’t have to be that way though.

Anonymous 14909

I want to find the opera dress Sofia Coppola wore in the Godfather Part III. It seems that it was made especially for the film so I can only look for something similar. I wish I knew how to sew so I could make these things myself.


It doesn't look so great on the mannequin but it's very pretty when she wears it.

Anonymous 15824


Where do you anons buy your basics? I'm looking for a simple, fitted crewneck like pic related.

Anonymous 15840

The Gap

Anonymous 15841

amazon for bamboo tshirts

Anonymous 15847

Im very happy with the dresses i bought recently

One vibrant orange with a very nice cut especially for the neck, kind of 50s and the fabric is so great that I dont feel too hot in it. I think its cotton. Also it has pockets

A blue sundress, cotton too, pockets as well

A dirdnl dress


Anonymous 15849

Why bamboo?
Thx anon <3

Anonymous 15874


Anonymous 15875

I was looking for a trench coat in my size (XS/XXS) for a long time. At the end I went to a tailor and she made it as I wanted and it was the best decision.

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