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Color Analysis Anonymous 1487

who knows/cares about their seasonal palette?? how seriously do you adhere to it? is it worth it to get professionally analyzed?
discuss seasonal palettes here, basically.

Anonymous 1488

I tried to take a test online to figure mine out but it was too difficult to do objectively.

Also, I'm upset because I'm pretty sure my favorite colors don't flatter me (soft, muted pinks).

Anonymous 1489


>who knows/cares about their seasonal palette??
Me, I used to be really into this so I can help. It's fairly reliable if you know what to look for.
>how seriously do you adhere to it?
I've picked my neutrals based on it and a few of my favourite colours within my palette, but it took some trial and error on my part. Mind that my wardrobe is veeery staid and limited colour-wise, so that's why I do it. It's made shopping for clothes a lot easier, but sometimes you do get carried away and getting the perfect shade can be a PITA if you're desperate or impatient. I think it's worth it, and saves money in the long run.
>is it worth it to get professionally analyzed?
I don't think so, they don't do anything you can't do yourself in a well-lit, neutral room with scraps of fabric, your bf/gf/parents' clothes, and a mirror. I can explain how I did it later if you're interested, but it takes time and patience.

I'm a very high contrast season, most likely Dark Autumn, perhaps Dark Winter. My best colour is pic related, it makes my skin and hair look so good. If it wasn't for colour analysis I never would've found it.

It's really fun and free to do if you have time to spare, so go for it!

Anonymous 1490

I'm >>1488 and I'm interested.

Do you base it off your natural hair color, btw? What if you have dyed hair?

Anonymous 1491

I've tried to figure it out but the website I used seemed to fall apart for dark hair/dark eyes idk

Anonymous 1492


Natural is ideal, but if you have dyed hair your colouring also inevitably changes, even if the colour suits you well.

As an example, my natural colour is a very ashy, very dark brown, often mistaken for black and I used to dye my hair medium auburn/ginger, which suited me very well and most people had no idea I wasn't a natural redhead.
What suits me now are very deep, dark colours. When I was ginger, what I wear now looked okay, but I was suddenly also able to pull off vibrant True Autumn colours and those actually suited me best. I looked like a Christmas tree 24/7, and it looked great. Now it'd probably wash me out.
Idk, I've never had that experience even though I fit that description, so the website must've been faulty. Also, you don't really need to focus on your hair and eyes but the overall picture.

As for what I promised, here's how I did it:

-Stand in front of a full-length mirror, in natural, neutral daylight (so not too sunny and not too gloomy and overcast)
>Make sure the room you're in doesn't have any overwhelming colours (so, no bubblegum pink, purple or blue walls, etc)
-Preferably move the mirror in front of a window, so that you're facing the window, and the mirror faces you
-Pin hair back or to the side of your head (should be visible but not overwhelm your face)
-Wear as little clothing as possible on top, a nude or grey vest or just your bra or whatever you have lying around

-You probably already have some ballpark idea of which colours look good on you, so start trying those on by covering your upper torso with fabric in each colour the best you can, or holding a piece of clothing under your chin and against your face.
-Alternatively, go to http://www.truth-is-beauty.com/color-analysis-quiz.html and answer the questions, or better yet have someone answer them for you. Your result will most likely not be accurate, but it'll still give you a direction to head in.
-Try on a bunch of different colours, even if they look very similar, even if they're part of the same colour family (ie lime green vs sage). Everything. Use bedsheets, your bf/mum/dad's clothes, your own, household linens, sometimes even large objects like big books or cushions. Go wild, it'll look silly. Patterned fabric can also be useful in small quantities.

-Write down what you find on a piece of paper. Example: Denim blue > maybe, Navy blue > no, baby blue > yes. You'll know you've found a colour that looks good with your complexion when it makes your face 'pop' all of a sudden. Don't think too much about it for now, you'll know it when you see it. It's also a sliding scale, so you will have things that look 'okay' or 'pretty good I guess' or 'meh', not just 'hell yes' or 'hell no'. Just write everything down.

-Get another piece of paper and ask someone else to evaluate you for all the same stuff. Some of their opinions will probably differ.
-Finally, try different makeup in the same conditions (so, no Sephora). Eyeshadow palettes work well here. Again, write everything down.
-Open MS Paint or photoshop and compile a list of the colours that look good and those that look just 'okay'. Compare and contrast with each season (you can use the website I linked) to find where you belong. Even if it's not any one season, you'll probably have a much better idea of what suits you now.

-The same lady from the link also has pinterest boards for each season. Check those out.
-Also, you'll probably never match any season perfectly. This is fine, few people do. We can't be put into any one exclusive box, but we're not meant to either. It's just to give you an overall idea of what you should strive towards, it's not a rule by any means.

You've essentially done your own at-home draping. This is more or less what they do, except they have fabric swatches.

Anonymous 1493

I have very pale skin with neutral undertones and I believe that I'm a deep/dark winter. All my clothes are black but I really like the deep rich colours that vintage underwear comes in, does anyone know where I can shop for things like that? Everything seems to be pastel neutral at the moment

Anonymous 1494


I've been trying to figure it out, but still can't seem to get it right…This is the closest I can find, but even then only some of the colors look good on me.

I know that neon yellow, white, light grey, and shades of purple/pink look good on me. No idea my season or color palette is though. :(

Anonymous 1495

no palette will match one person perfectly, though based on what you've said i am inclined to think you're right about being some kind of spring, at least. keep at it!

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