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Insomnia general Anonymous 14876

A general thread for those of us suffering from insomnia.

>In what ways has insomnia impacted your life?

>What sleep aids do you use?
>Any tips and tricks for a full night's sleep?

Anonymous 14885

I have been dealing with insomnia since I can remember, since early childhood.
I'd really like to know how to stop. I have taken different medications but none have ever helped long-term, or, they had really awful side effects.

Anonymous 14888

exercise daily

don't fall for the melatoninjew

Anonymous 14889

Melatonin works tho

Anonymous 14892

I'm Jewish but damn, check em

Anonymous 14893

Me too and I support you

Anonymous 14939

I second physical exercise. Meditation can help too, somewhat, if your problem is that you've got a lot on your mind.
Having blue-light filters on your phone/computer and having lightbulbs that aren't too bright or too blue in your home also helps a ton.
I tend to get a seemingly incurable insomnia whenever I'm on my period, though. I think it's hormone related. Do any other anons get period insomnia, specifically or have any tips to remedy it?

Anonymous 14962

Avoid all caffeine, all day. Even small amounts like a coke or a hot chocolate will affect my sleep.

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