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Best electric shavers? Anonymous 14970

I’m so sick of shaving all the way with shitty disposable razors that just give me bumps. Any good affordable electric razor brand recs for beginners?

Anonymous 14971

same!! UP

Anonymous 14972

sus post…

Anonymous 14973

beginners? what are you a 13 y/o just starting to shave for the first time?

Anonymous 14975

I’m 21. I’ve never used anything other than cheap disposal razors my entire life. So I honestly have no real idea on how to use an electric one. Beginner might have been a weird word choice, I just meant easy for unfamiliar people to use

Anonymous 14986

Based picrel

Anonymous 14995

Is it not possible to not have any shaving experience and be over 18?

Anonymous 14999

Yeah. I mean it's always going to grow back. Why bother?

Anonymous 15006

checked and based

Anonymous 15007

This post gives me troon vibes, like it’s a troon figuring hygeime for the first time…

Anonymous 15015

You’re definitely reading too much into this. It’s obviously just a post from some inept girl

Anonymous 15020

I'd like the advice too tbh. I dont shave regularly (no reason to) even for the legs in summer, so I never really cared or wanted to spend money on that. But I would like to at least have the good stuff to do it because I do enjoy the feeling

so yeah "beginners" exist.

Anonymous 15021

I am an inept girl who doesn't shave, and I definitely wouldn't post cat-ear anime girls just saying.

Anonymous 15025

Yeah, plus a “shitty” disposable razor works fine for me. But a male with a lot of body hair could struggle with it and want an electric razor like OP…

Anonymous 15031

Women can have a plethora of different types of hair growth. Plus depending on the amount of blades those “disposable razors” can be quite shit. Are you actually this retarded

Anonymous 15628

womens remington. I got the purple and white one from target like 15 years ago. if its awful, just return them in the store or online until you find a good one. just dont fall for the epilator meme, it effective but painful.

Anonymous 15642

I hate my body hair too. If laser wasn't that expensive, I would have done it. Instead I settled for the lesser of the two evils and I bought an at-home IPL machine. I'm gonna come back here to comment once I finish the recommended time

Anonymous 15653

i have the same feeling
also the pic OP chose has a different vibe from al the other thread pics on this board
checkerboard floors are a red flag

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