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Birth control questions Anonymous 14976

Pic unrelated

How do you feel about birth control ? I dont need it and honestly I dont trust it, but Im wondering if the anti birth control opinion is 100% right considering how some women testify that they took pills or smth to help for something else and that it worked. I still dont think its safe (making someone infertile even temporarily seems just not trust worthy for me, but i dont know how it actually works anyway) but I wonder to which extent.

Anonymous 14977

I tried a lot of types and had bad experiences with all of them. Now I use withdraw. I don't think they are held to as high a standard in testing as they would be if they were for men and I think doctors are dismissive of bad side affects, either because they are stupid or they get paid for pushing them.

Anonymous 14978

I've never used it and never will, but I'm also a femcel so eh. I briefly considered it to make periods less painful, but imo it isn't worth side effects like acne or weight gain.

Anonymous 14979

I'm on it right now to try and lessen my endometriosis symptoms but they put me on the one with the lowest dose possible and it hasn't been as effective as I hoped
it hasn't had any noticeable side effects though so there's that

Anonymous 14985

Ah yes, thats one of the things I Heard it was used for. Some women did say it helped but yeah this kind of things doesnt work on everyone the same way
Overall it still seems that it would be more harmful than useful for women to me, maybe ill check statistics one day. Im kinda angry with how many things are passed as good for women when it actually harms us (besides the pill which may depend)

Anonymous 14987

I have no sources to back this up so take with a grain of salt but I'm convinced if BC were invented today, it wouldn't be legalized, at least here in the EU where regulations are ultra strict. BC is garbage and pharma can't be fully trusted, don't mess with your hormones if you don't absolutely have to or have alternatives available.

Anonymous 14988

This is 100% true and why there has been no male birth control put on the market despite recent research.

Anonymous 14989

Yeah I agree. Its also not the only kind of bs we just accepted into our lives despite it being harmful..

Im wondering if condoms arent bad too. Both for men and women. I mean, putting latex on a penis or inside your vagina just doesnt seem right. I donr care if its organic or whatever I dont want anything inside genitals or messing with hormones

Anonymous 14990

But its also a social question. Most men will pressure their gf to take birth control. Then wine about infertility
Just like they want virgins but will not accept to wait until marriage

I barely know about birth control for men tho. At least most of them refuse vasectomy. I wish everyone would just agree on staying healthy

Anonymous 14991

Latex allergies are common and many condoms have lube that is bad for women.

Anonymous 14993

Well, there it is. Very much not surprised but still kinda crazy
Thanks for the info, now I know I have functional instincts. Fuck them tho. No wonder people are so unhealthy

Anonymous 14996

I'll never take any hormonal birth control or treatment for that matter. If you are on the pill or consider it please research all the side effects and especially long term effects, and I don't mean just weight gain or acne, the real stuff : brain damage, cancers of all kinds, risks of heart attack and strokes increased, infertility and overall messing up your mental health… The endocrine system influences so much in your body that it is, at least for me, not worth it to disturb it ; when you're on your period or through puberty you can clearly feel how powerful hormones can be on your body and mind. Meanwhile gynecologists will prescribe it to 13 yo girls to fix their acne like it's an harmless candy. Do what you want but be informed before taking a huge decision like that even if doctors and the pharma industry wants you to believe that it's no biggy.

That being said I need to be on some form of birth control and I was considering an IUD as non-hormonal birth control options are pretty limited. I've heard both horror stories and friends raving about it so I wondered if any of you has or had one and what your experience was like?

Anonymous 14997

Awful, my stomach was swollen and painful and I was exhausted for months until I took it out. It was also painful to be put in and removed. Made my periods heavier too.

Since then I now get period cramp on multiple days, sometimes the day before my period even starts. I never had more then the morning of it starting before.

Anonymous 15022

I'm going off of mine soon, just waiting for my husband to get a sperm analysis after his vasectomy to make sure we are good to go. Honestly I have gone on it twice, once when I was 15 and again when I was ~19 (and been on it for almost 6 years) and both times I almost IMMEDIATELY gained 15-20 pounds. We are talking 2 months or so. The first time I quit due to this, and I lost the weight again almost immediately. I was a 15 year old girl being told" did you gain weight?" over and over by people baffled- it looked like I had been binge eating for weeks.

Since I have been on the pill again, I have completely given up trying to lose weight. A year ago I pretty much gave up almost all sugar, have consistently eaten vegetables every meal, cut back on meat, cut back significantly on cooking oil, and I lost 5 fucking pounds. wow. I've given up on judging my weight until I am off the pill for good- such a significant diet change should have had noticeable results and I blame the pill for it 100%. I have severe IBS (which is the reason I was originally prescribed the pill, to help with the IBS which did nothing) and I don't even eat that much (less than I did before the pill) so there is no reason for me to be 20 pounds heavier then I was before I started. I can barely keep food in my body for weeks at a time so where tf are these calories coming from? I know I have gotten older but I hardly feel like 24 is time for my metabolism to shit the bed- my own mother was rail thin until she became a beer drinking alcoholic in her 30s, and now that she's quit she is thinner than I am so I know it's not genetics fucking with me.

The pill is a necessary evil if you do not want to become pregnant. There is not better way to protect yourself, especially if you are a doctor fearing neet who can order the pills online. But I think there is so much up in the air about it and the symptoms that come with it, Your doctor WILL NOT believe you when you tell them the pill made you gain weight or any other issue. They DO NOT care about it and will deny it at every turn. Take it to keep yourself safe but look into permanent options so you do not have to take them forever.

Anonymous 15064

I just want to know the source of the pic, but I use writing as my bc Ahahaha

Anonymous 15065

..meaning I loathe the idea of becoming pregnant so much I won't do anything but indulge fiction. Fuck relationship and babies. That would we my worst nightmare.

Anonymous 15069

literally fuck birth control pills. i was a virgin when i was put on them. i got a uti once because i didn't bathe for a long time while on a camping trip. my stupid whore cunt bitch of a mother freaked out because i "had an std" (no the fuck i did not) and would not stop calling me a whore after that.

eventually she took me to a gyno under the guise of a cool and sex positive mother that just wants the best for her kid. i was prescribed birth control on day one. i told the gyno i wasn't sexually active, and she told me it would help my heavy periods and pressured me to be on it anyway. real creepy shit.

anyways, i actually did become sexually active after that, and it was a waste of my fucking time. sex is overrated. also it did fuck all for my heavy periods. like. not a single damn change in my menstrual cycle.

i really don't want to be on hormonal birth control again for above reasons. i have the heaviest of heavy periods but i honestly think it's worth the pain to get a non hormonal iud if i ever enter a long term relationship. i've had cramps that knocked me unconscious but i can deal with that 2-3 times a month if it means i can have a happy sex life without the fear of children.

Anonymous 15087

birth control isn't exlusive to women

Anonymous 15164

This. I was put on them at 18 because I was told it would be some miracle pill for all my vagina problems and it was the opposite of that. Didn't regulate or lighten my periods, didn't stop cramps, did fuck all for acne, barely made my boobs bigger (unfortunately they pick on women's insecurities to sell it to them). Nothing happened outside of not getting pregnant and feeling more tired and emotional

Was also told that it would totally help preserve my fertility and actually make me more fertile once I get off of it, was bullshit too.

Anonymous 15180

I used it for a few months and it's not worth it. it doesn't 100% prevent pregnancy, it is annoying to take the pill at the exact same time every day, it makes you bloated and cranky, and it doesn't fully get rid of your period. never doing it again. gynos love to use it as a bandaid solution for endometriosis, it fucking sucks

Anonymous 15183

Birth control improves your fertility by making you never want to take birth control again.

Anonymous 15298

I have the copper IUD. I actually did not find insertion that painful, pretty uncomfortable, but they should give you local anaesthetic which will reduce pain. Initially what happened is I had cramps and some bleeding for 3 days. My period came a few days early and it was definitely heavier. Since then things have been normal. I’ve heard many terrible stories, but there’s also great stories. For reference, I’m 18, no kids, and my periods were normal not too heavy not too light but I barely got cramps before. They say the best candidate for this thing is women who have kids before and don’t have heavy periods, but I really recommend it if you want to stress less about getting pregnant (I’m in a long term relationship and we used condoms, but I was always paranoid. IUD is THE most effective birth control there is) and you don’t have period issues in the first place.

If you get the copper IUD, TAKE ZINC SUPPLEMENTS. I don’t know why they don’t talk about this. You may be susceptible to copper toxicity without knowing it and then the IUD which releases small amounts of copper into your body will have harmful effects. I take 22mg zinc polinate daily. Balancing zinc with copper eliminates this risk. Zinc is just great for you anyway.

Anonymous 15300

The nexplanon sucked and they put it in my arm wrong so I have this big ass scar from when they took it out

Also, it made me cry for no reason. Weight was harder to lose and keep off.

Great three years m8s

Anonymous 15310


Natural family planning is a big thing among some Christians, it sounds spiritualized but it’s just multi-metric fertility monitoring. It’s pretty reliable like 98%, or higher if you play it safe. The downside is not being able to have sex on the spur of the moment sometimes. I guess you can pick your poison: BC health risks + costs, or avoiding sex for maybe a week each month + free. You need to be really consistent about your tracking though, which I am not good at and hence don’t use NFP. Of course have a Plan B in place, the drug or an actual plan ;) as you would with a condom

Anonymous 15312

>unhealthy and childless

Anonymous 15319

Smells like a moid…

Anonymous 15341

does anyone have any info out on that new birth control that dropped for filthy moids? like am i gonna get pregnant if i have an outing and they tell me theyre on it? I really REALLY DONT trust men

Anonymous 15353

>trusting men with birth control
I don't know what to tell you. If you're leaving it to the man, you might as well believe him when he promises to pull out.

Anonymous 15361

honestly condoms should be insisted on. also is the best way to prevent infections (yes you can still have your vag pH thrown off even if a guy is clean).

Anonymous 15362

Honestly if you trust a man on that and catch aids or smth Id mostly blame you for being dumb enough to let a stupid male trick you so easily. Ofc theyd be responsible for being horrible but to be tricked like that ? Would be your fault

Dont trust them. Better to not have sex at this point. But Im very judgemental on sexual behaviour (im 100% pro sexual répression for both men and women) so im biased on that

So my only real advice is : do not trust men, because it does not work. At least not now when we live in times where women are considered as responsible for birth control. The whole thing about women having most access to sex wouldnt help your case and men wouldnt give you support if they got you pregnant or sick.

Anonymous 15374

Thank you for your informative answer, I'm glad you had a good experience with it. Two friends of mine are getting a copper IUD very soon so I'll ask them about it and will probably try it out when I'm less busy. I'm mostly worried about the periods getting out of hand as mine are already pretty painful and long. Didn't know about zinc thank you for mentionning that, I know iron complements might also be needed if the flow gets too heavy.

Anonymous 15377

I've considered using birth control but I just feel like the symptoms are too much for me. Plus my mom told me her friend died once getting off of birth control because of a blood clot? I can't remember what it was but it's a very rare case. Still makes me scared and want to avoid it though

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