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Fine hair struggles Anonymous 15061

I’m losing hope in ever being able to style my hair and it’s been this way forever. It’s not that it doesn’t grow or that I have hair loss, but the actual strands themselves are thin. So it ends up feeling like I have barely any hair to work with. If I pull it back there might as well be nothing there. Is there any hope for something I can do to change this or do I just resign to wigs and extensions?

Anonymous 15062

my hair is the exact same - extremely thin, I can't do anything with it
I've been reading rosemary oil and peppermint oil are supposed to help hair growth
there's also salt water sprays that give your hair a bit of volume
I don't think there's any way to thicken it so you'll either have to grow more or add volume somehow unless you're willing to wear a wig

Anonymous 15063

I use castor oil sometimes but I guess it can’t do anything to change the actual density of my hair. I’m thinking I might just need to find some good quality extensions at this point since I’m getting tired of wearing hats all the time

Anonymous 15068

make sure they're clip ins and not glued on since hair glue can cause bald spots over time which would be super noticeable with already thin hair

Anonymous 15739

I have the same issue, my hairs are just naturally thin and extremely frizzy with no rhyme or reason for the frizz. I tried different products including switching up my shampoo and conditioner, hair masks, henna dyeing, simple treatments for frizz, nothing that required an actual stylist though. The only thing that somewhat helped was dyeing my hair a natural color, mainly because the dye I buy coats the outside of the hair shaft and makes it thicker looking. Once the roots grow out it makes my hair start breaking where the dyed part meets the undyed part and I have to dye it much more often than I should to prevent that. I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that my hair is a mess and I've worn natural looking wigs in the past and will probably start wearing them again. I recommend trying out various products and going to a hairstylist for a trim and wash specifically to ask the stylist what she recommends for thin hair. Sometimes they can figure out your holy grail product that can help, though it will be more on the expensive side. If you do go with wigs, get a somewhat pricier one that already has a style that you like to make it easier for yourself. If you take care of it the wig will last a while and make it worth the extra money. Definitely look up how to take care of wigs and lurk in cosplay communities. Also don't let self conscious beat you, plenty of women wear wigs and after wearing one for a while you will start noticing more and more women and even the occasional moid wearing wigs. As long as your wig isn't extremely cheap, flashy, or an obnoxious and obvious color, lots of people won't even notice. Sorry for the long post!

Anonymous 15740

I have fine hair too and I just have a shorter hairstyle like a bob that can be sort of styled in different ways but it definitely isn't gonna get you a lot of crazy options. But it looks good so maybe you can try something smaller like that?

Anonymous 15750

Same here. It really helps to always use a volumizer shampoo, if I use a regular shampoo it just looks worse. I'm annoyed I can't wear most types of hair clips, ties, or pins, they easily fall out. Have you had your thyroid level tested? I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism several years ago and thin hair was one of my symptoms leading up to that. I've been on a medication since and my hair has noticeably thickened up over time but yeah it's still unusually fine, compared to the average girl. I think some of us just unfortunately got stuck with bad genes or something. And yeah like the other poster said, going with a shorter hairstyle can be a good idea, I don't let mine grow out too long myself.

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