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Anonymous 15083

currently trying hard to lose weight. im just slightly overweight, a bit chubby, i usually work out but i eat a lot so it cancels out, ive been eating less lately on a calorie deficit and working out more, but i didnt lose any noticeable weight yet and gained unwanted muscle mass in my legs instead. my legs look like tree trunks. pls haelp

Anonymous 15090

Caring about having ~dainty, feminine legs~ instead of developing muscles is a moid meme. Health should be the goal of weightloss, not pandering to lolicons. Keep at your workouts and become even stronger.
How long have you been doing it for anyways?

Anonymous 15093

You can't gain muscle if you've been in a calorific deficit consistently. Not to mention it's not really possible for women to accidently gain muscle mass, that requires a lot of hard work, time and eating over maintenance.. So something in your story doesn't seem to fit. But if you do somehow have unwanted muscle mass, stop working out those muscles and you'll lose them far more quickly and easily than it was to build them.

Anonymous 15098

Some people just want peace of mind anon. It's shitty to be a woman with thunder thighs in this world unless you enjoy being sexualized by moids even when wearing normal boring clothes.

Anonymous 15099

>Some people just want peace of mind anon.
No guarantee losing weight will bring you that.
>It's shitty to be a woman with thunder thighs in this world unless you enjoy being sexualized by moids even when wearing normal boring clothes.
Literally every woman is sexualized or objectified in one way or another.

Anonymous 15113

this. It's so weird seeing anons insist only curvy/thick girls get constantly sexualized by moids, if you ask a bunch of moids what celebrities/porn stars/models/whatever they think have the sexiest bodies I promise you the vast majority of them will start naming off skinny-minis with C cups

Anonymous 15121

Yeah, that's not the point. Thin thighs are ubiquitous in the media. Women can be classy, sexy, innocent, flirty, etc if they have thin thighs. They're pretty neutral in their presentation in the media.
Thick thighs are universally sexualized. Women with thick thighs are only allowed to be seen as sexual objects, and it takes precedence over anything else.

Anonymous 15123

>>It's shitty to be a woman with thunder thighs in this world unless you enjoy being sexualized by moids even when wearing normal boring clothes.
>Implying that you would only get sexualized by moids with thunder thighs

What else could this possibly mean? Plenty of celebrities with big thighs are easily seen as things outside of sexual objects, demi lovato, most athletes, Carrie underwood, etc. In fact thick thighed celebrities aren't sexualized at all in media unless they purposely present themselves as sexy (Ashley Graham for example). This seems like a completely made up problem or you just got a few creepy comments from moids and decided to make it seem like it's a problem someone with exclusively your features face. I say this as someone with thick thigh as well.

Come on now. Porn and nude models are almost exclusively thin thighed women. I don't know how you're going to try to convince us thigh thighs are exclusively sexual

Anonymous 15132

I think anyone not disingenuous knows what I meant, so you can continue seething if you want.

Anonymous 15136

A lot of words for you having no other defense. Either name legitimate examples in media or gtfo

Anonymous 15137

I mean I think this whole thigh discourse is incredibly silly…
…but I have long legs and thin legs. I have never once in my entire life been crept on by any guy. I don't know if I'm secretly sexualized or not or just extremely hideous.|

Quite frankly, I'm pretty sure fluffy thighs would look great on me because in spite of my thin legs, I'm extremely strongly built with muscle, and yet incapable of pulling off the Amazonian look because my body type just isn't feminine at all. I think the thigh thing is valid in a certain sense because a lot of this is a lot of men being attracted to round things/the voluptuous. Go look it up. It's some sort of weirdass subconscious thing.

Let's look at context; pear shaped girls have big hips and thighs oftentimes, less weight on the upper half. I'm sorry but it's just more feminine by default.

I still say it's really dumb to pretend that thick thighs means you're doomed to proverbially be sexualized while other women aren't bc that's some weird martyr stuff, but yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if men are slightly creepier towards big thighs.

Anonymous 15141

You're right but in Hollywood and general media it's the complete opposite. Thick thighed women can often control their thing, whether they wanna be a book nerd, geek, sex goddess, alternative, etc. With thin women they get sexualized if they are attractive. Emma Watson never once tried to make herself sexual and got constantly sexualized by scrotes, same with JLaw and tons of other actresses who's roles aren't sexual at all. If you're thick and hot you'll get sexualized but never on the same level as skinny and hot girls get sexualized

Anonymous 15142

Keep up with the calorie deficit and working out. Having muscle will help you lose weight in the long term.

Anonymous 15143

I don't really understand this owing to how pretty much every popular actress got majority sexualized and also tends to have a fairly "basic" proportioned body (it's the nature of film). The actresses you referred to were mega stars that boys grew up with and imprinted on and literally have pretty similar bodies to other mega stars, so I don't even know why you're trying to use them as examples…also both actresses have fallen out of favor.

Honestly all around what you said otherwise was so weird that I just give up. Is it normal for other women on IBs battle it out with optimizing how victimized their body parts make them to being sexualized or something?

Anonymous 15144

I'm just trying to understand where everyone is coming from. Can I get an example of thick thighed women in the media only being able to be sexual objects? I named my examples, name yours

Anonymous 15145

>Is it normal for other women on IBs battle it out with optimizing how victimized their body parts make them to being sexualized or something?
It starts with a woman wanting the opposite of the body she has because she faces problems like sexualization/objectification, etc., then women with those opposite body types tell that they're still sexualized and then everyone just starts arguing who has it worse. it's not productive really. We all can agree that women with any boob sizes get sexually harassed, objectified/fetishized, and in the end it doesn't matter which one is sexualized more tbh, same with other body parts. You're still a piece of meat in the eyes of moids anyway, why continue the infighting and tear each other down?

Anonymous 15147

Bruh what???
Skinny girls arent sexualized lmfao theyre seen as human beings unlike thick girls. Skinny girls can wear mini skirts and no one cares but when thick girls wear them then apparently we are whores. Skinny girls are seen as elegant whereas curvy girls are seen as trashy. Are you trolling?

Anonymous 15148

Exactly. Skinny women are allowed to be elegant or cute or innocent. Thick women are always seen as whores. That anon doesnt live in reality. Models are fucking thin and theyre not sexualized.

Anonymous 15149

I love how this spiraled into thick women even though the topic was just big thighs.

Good luck with your oppression Olympics.

Anonymous 15150

This is the lolcow boob size sperg, I recognize her typing. Better just ignore anon.

Anonymous 15151

Not either of them, but that anon is being ridiculous too. "Skinny girls are the only ones seen as human!" Imagine walking outside and thinking the reason why men dehumanize you is because your thighs are a bit fat.
It's like how men dehumanize ugly women a lot more, not being sexualized doesn't mean being humanized, why tf is this being considered a binary.

Anonymous 15153

90%+ of you probably don't have a sex bomb bod either like the nature of what's being discussed. Most "thick" girls fit in because in America the average woman is 5"3 and 180 pounds or something.

And let me note, being fat makes men dehumanize you more in general (not that being skinny helps that much) because they simply ignore you more or think of you as some sort of perversion of a female (which they already have generally a low opinion of).

Anonymous 15163

The nature of what's being discussed is not whether or not any of us is a sex bomb. That's what some insecure woman here understood and took as a cue to start seething, for some reason. You have to live under a rock not to understand the connotation of sexy/trashy/vulgar to thick legs (and thicker bodies in general), while thinner bodies are regarded as more generally versatile. And the conversation was also not about being overweight. I'm sorry that you're American and live in some toothpick-whale binary.

Anonymous 15165

>Models aren't sexualized
you're joking, right?
Hopefully you know the difference between curvy and fat. Obviously if you have disgusting floppy cottage cheese thighs hanging out it's trashy because you're not being considerate of others around you. I've seen people have shirts with their fupa and stuff hanging out that's literally made me nauseous before. People shouldn't be exposed to disgusting scenery for just leaving their house. On top of this if this were truly correct men would flock to women's athletic tournaments and sexualize the fuck out of them while everyone else screams whore. Why aren't female athletes constantly sexualized and getting called whores? They have big thighs

Anonymous 15166

>Why aren't female athletes constantly sexualized and getting called whores?
Confirmation you have been living under a fucking rock kek

Anonymous 15167

Can you post a screenshot of a female athlete being called a whore?

Anonymous 15170

Oh, but this all would be better if you guys just weren't so obsessed with what men think.

Anonymous 15171

My point wasn't that sexy bodies aren't sexualized or that this can't make men project shit onto them (apparently you guys think like men too). My point is that stuff like "only women that have thin girl legs are seen as human beings" is nuts and, quite frankly, pure cyanide towards girls and their development of a healthy self-image, and the deterministic frame is one I mostly see misogynists use to talk about women.

I noted the "sex bomb" thing because, well, step back. If no one here has a very sexy body, then they're essentially claiming - from a distance - that such women are considered subhuman by men, etc., and that's where the intent involved becomes kind of slimy and looks like another version of that nuts boob-wars anon trying to disparage other women under the guise of it being fair/accurate.
(Plus, there's a difference between having big thighs and a sex bomb body–you guys are acting like the two of them are the same when they're not).

It's such a weird critique to obsess about with questionable ends that it makes me cringe and wonder if some of you are pro-anorexia or something.

There's plenty of thick-legged women out there that get on with their day, don't get crept on, have a normal social life, etc. and would grimace at you guys, probably because she's more well-adjusted and not addicted to social media. It isn't that she isn't sexualized more by men - maybe she is - but it's straight up insane to claim she automatically becomes subhuman because of it or can't live a normal life. Maybe less versatile? Sure. But it isn't 0 to 100 shit unless she has a massive ass or boobs.
>she solely quantifies being dehumanized by men by how much they say "whore"

Anonymous 15172

Sorry you can't claim that a single group is way more sexualized than another or just claim thigh size is only sexualized by moids, the oppression Olympics are endless. You'd have an actual point if, like I said, you provided an example of female athletes being way more sexualized or called whores but most people don't give a shit. It's almost as if there's a million other factors to women getting sexualized, thigh size isn't one of them, if this was the case, female athletes with large thighs would never hear the end of sexualizing

Anonymous 15175

>It's almost as if there's a million other factors to women getting sexualized
But I mostly agree too? "Thick girls are seen as subhuman!" is really shady, etc.

I noted what I said about certain body types particularly because of my friend.
I have a friend that like me dresses modestly and wears no makeup, and has a similar body type to me, but is a bit shorter with pretty decently sized boobs (E cups? idk), I have B cups. She has gotten 100s of creeps over the years, many of whom have mentioned her boobs, while I have gotten 0 weird attention from men ever. We've also both been fat and skinny, and it was the same either ways. I'm pretty thankful to not have to deal with it, though I also know that in the stead of that, I've been 100% treated like a ghost by guys and not really humanized either. One has pushed me down in order to get to her. They have done more random kind things for her as well.
It isn't that I will say "big boobed girls are doomed to be sexual objects" though.

I only draw the line with acting like all women literally have the same exact experience or that a certain group of women are destined to be this or that. That's where things are destined to always devolve into fighting, because women do have somewhat different experiences.

BTW, I'm not the one that was obsessively bringing up celebrities, nor did I bring up any female athlete, why are you demanding it when I literally said there's plenty of thick-legged women that live normally. It's like some of you literally want to argue for the sake of arguing.

Anonymous 15176

This doesn't sound right or you're very hideous. Every single woman I know regardless of breast size, thigh size, etc gets hundreds of creeps throughout the years. One of my closest friend is practically flat chested, doesn't wear makeup, wears nothing but androgynous clothes, and has average features and has several men simping for her. I don't think I know any woman who hasn't been creeped on

Sorry anon this just sounds like you're trying to bring up the stupid and false debate about boob size again with an obvious lie. There is no young woman who "gets zero attention from men" unless you're seriously a shut in, what are you even trying to accomplish?

Anonymous 15177

ntayart but this is embarrassing, stop obsessing over people you infight with months, possibly a year back. you "you're this anon" bitches are never right anyway and are usually more of an unstable sperg as the anon you're obsessing over, as someone who use to mod lc

Anonymous 15190

Which boob size sperg? There's several of them

Anonymous 15191


I've never gotten any overt attention; I have gotten a passing glance or two that maybe was sexual (I can't tell), I remember being really pathetic about it after my weight loss (I spent pretty much all my youth fat and lost everything in the span of three months) and thinking "wow maybe I'm ok looking now" and it was unhealthy asf. I also went to college, had a job, have had female friends, etc.

I have been asked out by a girl (I'm not a lesbian though). Older women often compliment me. A few years ago I was insulted as being ugly randomly and that was the last time a guy just randomly initiated any interaction with me IRL.

I already know for a fact there'd be someone in my inbox if I posted to tinder, that's just the nature of the beast. However, I spent my early 20s being an insecure mess because I made the mistake on going on the internet and seeing constant "there must be something horribly wrong with you if a guy has never approached you and you're a female" and I went from ok to not ok. Well, ok, I'm a hideous mess then, sherlock.

Also most of the time when I hear someone say an "average" girl gets a ton of simps she usually has a rather specific phenotype when I see her (and is usually white), it's actually getting exhausting. But, whatever, maybe you are actually referring to an actual average woman.

My point was that no two woman's experiences are literally the same yet you seem incapable of registering this, so, ok, whatever.

Oh. Let me deploy my ultimate gotcha: I have pretty big thighs and long legs. Women have complimented me on them and say they wish they had my legs but I've not heard 1 word about it from a man ever. Literally I am very much aware something like this doesn't make me automatically sexualized.

Like I said, some of you just want to argue, jesus fuckin christ.

Anonymous 15193

And just for the record, I know of a small amount of girls and women who have never gotten any explicit creep attention. They're pretty rare and I met one who actually had an even bigger complex over me over it (granted some of them at least were crept on when little girls, horrible stuff).

I don't know what to tell someone if they think literally no woman or girl exists that hasn't gotten crept on.

Anonymous 15194


Yall have got to drop this mindset that if you get sexualized you must run out and change your actual body type. I quit posting here for months because of people on here saying that because I wasn't desperate to get a breast reduction I was actually a moid larping even though I was literally just complaining about expensive bras. You are still putting men at the center of your lives by saying that if you don't like to be sexualized you should just change your appearance. Also men will sexualize absolutely any body type. Just look at Belle Delphine. Hell she even photoshops herself to appear flatter and less curvy even though she's already pretty rectangular shaped.

Anonymous 15195

Thank you, I remember posting here for the first time and someone saying I had been consistently in this board talking about myself. Idk how paranoid and perpetually online you have to be to do this shit.

Anonymous 15196

the Belle thing is super creepy and more looking like a child so bringing her up in this context is kinda awkward - and I'm biased cuz I have a massive man bod and can't remember one time a guy seems to have sexualized me - but I mostly agree anyway.

Nonetheless no one is going to find peace of mind on trying to chase after some sort of ultimate conclusion about a body part they superfocused on bc it was an exercise in attrition to begin with. Speaking from literal experience.

Anonymous 15198

>I still got them double thick thighs, french fries
she made a typo there, surely Belle meant "double thin thighs", since men definitely don't sexualize thick thighs.

>as someone who use to mod lc
and you have the gall to call anyone else embarrassing kek, I'm sorry that BPD spergs are not part of my daily dose of internet.

Anonymous 15199


Literally every Olympics games is accompanied by moids salivating over every female athlete. Butt close-ups and slow-mos cams abound. I won't spoon-feed you, look it up.
Also the official female attire is short and skin-tight in order for men to gawk at them. Compare with male uniforms, which are optimized for performance.
Also this shit
>muh female athletes are not sexualized
Living under a fucking rock.

Anonymous 15201

this argument is completely useless, you guys aren't going to get anywhere.

I was accused of straight up lying about my experience because apparently I am one of the legion of boob spergs even though this is my first time mentioning boobs on the internet in months. I am built somewhat like a man but with thick, nice legs and I have never experienced one account of harassment so that indicates that the anon that did so won't accept anything that doesn't feed into her worldview.

>>15199 might insist all well built legs are sexualized (I hope not) even though athletes usually have amazing bodies in general. forgive me if that isn't your point

>>15198 says modding lolcow is cringey but sounds like they're from lolcow

>>15165 like other anon claimed is probably living under a rock

there is never going to be any agreement.

Anonymous 15202

This argument only exists because someone got triggered that men sexualize a bodytype that is not their own. The fact that that was brought up as a negative thing doesn't seem to be of importance to them. Everything that followed was inane strawmen that had nothing to do with the original point.

Anonymous 15203


Yeah obviously it's creepy and people shouldn't sexualize children. But my point is that men sexualize everyone. There isn't any body type that's "immune" to it and to have the mindset that being sexualized is something you can control and get rid of is going to drive you insane. It's still saying that the way men see you is important and your fault. There's a weird culture on here that the only good women are androgynous thin curveless women because they've "risen above" men's desires which makes them better people and it's really harmful and not even true. I hate how someone on here saying they have a big ass or thighs or hips or tits creates this big uproar. It's just an inversion of the shit moids do.
Also, if you haven't gotten sexualized yet it'll happen eventually, especially if you currently don't get out much.

Anonymous 15204


The standard on here of being a "boob sperg" is simply to just have big boobs. I saw a whole thread about small boobs where they were talking about how they love how perky and cute they were and no one gave a fuck. But if you have big boobs and mention them in any way that isn't "they make me want to kill myself and I'm cutting them off asap" you're a boob sperg. Every time I see someone mention they have boobs that are G and up (in threads relevant to bringing breast size up) there are always comments losing their minds and saying they know who is posting it and it's a moid and they're jacking off as they're posting etc etc.

Anonymous 15205

it's a bad/toxic idea to say anything deterministic about any body type and tbh I think some anons here were trying to actually disparage a certain kind of body type? There's some pretty sus rhetoric and I really, really beg people to maybe avoid lookism type stuff if they really have that much of a hang up on their body.
Like I said I have a ridiculously bad body (again despite having nice legs) that's probably worse than most peoples' here but I got over it. there's a point where you realize being involved in the 3d-creep-chess that is male perception is always a loss.

oh–I haven't been a shut-in that much, am almost 30, and I do find it offensive that it's assumed of me. like, ffs, some of us are really that unappealing. I kind of just want to be crept on once just so I feel less weird. =.=

Anonymous 15206

maybe we should just come up with a version of "(you)" to use in situations where things get too shallow or weird. can just be a funny pic or something.

also idk, there probably needs to be more of a resource to decentralize what men think and looks. it doesn't really help that an entire board is dedicated to beauty (and health) on this site.

Anonymous 15208

I'm sorry, but you have the original "boob sperg" to blame for it. She was known for being crazy and obsessed as fuck across several boards. Now everyone's paranoid that anyone who even mentions boob size a little could be her.

Anonymous 15215

most of these women have thin thighs though

Anonymous 15216

guess you missed out on the "if you're a shut in" too but who knows

Anonymous 15217


lets not skew reality now. anti-small boob bitches were being just as toxic and spergy. Not saying that there wasn't any big boob sperges, but let's be honest now, most of the ones sperging were doing so since the macromastia fetishists were shitting up threads

Anonymous 15218

this. she was in lolcow too sperging her head off about how her ~studies~ proved men prefer bigger breasts when women on lolcow were talking about how they liked their breasts small. Pretty sure I've seen her sperging on 4chin as well when men talked about how they preferred shape over size

Anonymous 15220

>the porn industry mostly hires big breasted women
I don't get this. I was in the industry for a couple of years and I can easily name several porn stars off the top of my head who have small, almost flat breasts. Whether you agree with the porn or sex industry or not there's a massive diversity especially when it comes to breast size. I have large breasts for my body and knew several girls who made a ton of money who had much smaller breasts than me. As long as if you're fairly fit, have decent proportions, and don't have any deformities the porn/sex industry will happily take you in, they are not picky at all trust me kek.
>It's mean to point out when girls were wearing shapewear and push-up bras
Kek. People are being praised on Instagram for being woke if you point out the exact same thing in skinny runway models.
I'm pretty sure I ran into her under a fashion thread when I made a joke about how cottagecore outfits made me look like babushka and then she was quickly deleted. Oddly enough she would probably sperg about how I'm a chestlet since they're only big for my body and not bigger than my entire head.

Anonymous 15222

I saw that so…I don't know what your point is

Anonymous 15224

Maybe men don't like you because you keep double posting instead of just making a single post

Anonymous 15225

I'm fine with that. Better than bending over backwards to appease random guys and stabbing other women in the back over male attention.

Anonymous 15226


oh, let me add this too.

Anonymous 15227

How much of you guys regularly look at women/instagram/etc? I'm honestly curious here.

Anonymous 15228

A lot tbh. I barely look at men even the ones I find really handsome except if Im actually attracted with them (like I want a relationship with them).
I never had any lesbian fantasies or anything tho. I just really like women beauty. Men arent really attractive maybe, idk. I think its just normal considering im heterosexual. Im attracted to men for who they are.
But when I look at a woman I dont do it the way a man would either. I dobt look at them like they are sex slaves. I just enjoy the beauty the way Id enjoy a good book. Its satisfying
Same for what other women actually do, like their clothes or makeup. I do not stare ofc

This might be another reason why I dont look as much at men. The ones I do look at in the street, its because of their style. They have something different.
I dont think I follow any man on social networks for his appearance tho.

Anonymous 15229

They're half the population so it's quite hard to avoid looking at women. I notice people who body shame other women frequently or have weird standards for what women's bodies are supposed to look like or are surrounded by a certain body type so form their standards off of that instead of what healthy women look like. For example, men who are surrounded by rail thin women are often going to think a woman with a healthy BMI is fat, men who are surrounded by obese women often think healthy women with butt and boobs proportional to their figure are flat/too skinny, men who are surrounded by very fit and muscular women will think non muscular women are out of shape, and so on

The solution to this would actually be looking at more women who have unaltered bodies and aren't photoshopped or anything, and we need to stop believing everything we see on the internet because I feel like both men and women never truly grasp how artificial the world is when it comes to bodies. Waist trainers and push up bras are the norm now even for high schoolers, this also includes random women on Facebook and reddit who just learned how to use the warp and inflate tool and people on lolcow claiming to have a 19 inch waist and 40 inch hips.

Anonymous 15231

did you respond to this thread or no?

I remember a while back knowing a group of girls…they were so aware about how harmful beauty standards were and etc., yet seemed keenly to worship feminine beauty (and even keep pictures of it in spades), beauty of which that almost no woman can naturally achieve judging by the pics they posted.
These women also had massive issues with their own bodies that interfered with, idk, functioning as normal human beings.

There's a lot of research surrounding IG showing how it pretty much fucks with how women (prob guys too but that ain't my business) see themselves, etc. I'd assume the same of others who fixated that much on how women looked.

Anonymous 15232

not sure i understood the question, did you mean op thread ? i didnt reply to the original post if thats what you meant

not exatcly the same thing but when I was younger I was pretty self conscious about my physical appearance. Iwanted to be very feminine yet I hated feminine stuff, and hated talking about beauty, and anything "girly". I still kinda dislike it but only because I dont find it interesting except for useful tips.
anyway i avoided all that as much as possible, especially in front of boys. i was self conscious because "girl things" were considered to be "stupid".

now I dont care as much, I just dont feel comfortable talking about that with men because why would they ask about it anyway.
but im not ashamed anymore when someone asks me something about my makeup or hair or clothes. when i was 14 i would literally feel uncomfortable even if it was a compliment. I also hated it when people let me know they noticed what I changed about my appearance. kinda weird, idk

as for beauty standards, it fucked up my hair especially. when i was young i started straightening my curly hair. i stopped at around 15 tho

I was self conscious about my body hair too. Now i sometimes go out without having shaved, i dont care.

but there is one thing people never made me feel self conscious about or ashamed and never convinced me to change : my TITS. I ALWAYS refused to wear a bra. no matter what my mother would say, no matter how much my classmates would talk about it, no matter how much theyd point it out or mock me or anything, I never gave up.

Anonymous 15233


Belle Delphine doesn't have thick thighs though, men like them because they're thick for her body, not cottage cheese lard legs

Anonymous 15234

>cottage cheese lard legs
so you come into a thread about a girl that has big thighs against her will and shit on other girls and women like this even though you could have easily past up the thread?
some of you really do sound jealous.

Anonymous 15235

Yes you caught me, I actually cry nightly because I don't have lizzos yeasty thighs

Anonymous 15237

total cunt thing to say. just say you watch porn and hate your body because of it belle delphine coombrain

Anonymous 15238

I personally think getting offended at what men presumably think makes you seem more insecure than just pointing out that men and you have different definitions of what thick thighs are

Anonymous 15243

There's a difference between that and stuff like cottage choose and yeasty, nasty stuff then pretending it's just about men (you weren't really wrong about Belle's legs) when people are side-eying your lolcow type language. It's so disingenuous of you.

Anonymous 15246

This site is literally the sister site of lolcow and anyone who pretends like they don't go there is lying considering most, if not all of us, only know of this site because of lolcow

Anonymous 15247

there's 2 sides of lolcow though. the side that mocks cows and the other side that is just a more active cc

Anonymous 15248

I'd estimate a good 75% of these users on both sides are the same exact people. Obviously this is an anonymous board so there's no real way of telling. The biggest thing is that everyone is here from lolcow, whether they browse frequently or not. So it's funny when someone acts holier than thou for not using lolcow even though there's no real way of telling who does or doesn't. Plenty of normies are bitchy towards women's appearance so I promise you not everyone who insults women are just lolcow junkies

Anonymous 15249


But I mean it. The first and only time I visisted lolcow was about a month ago. I laughed at something shady and got too grossed out at all the cow-hate circlejerks, then left. I'm not saying LC is all like this though I think there's some that exhibit very specific lines of callous behavior that I really just don't see much anywhere else.

I found CC off of 4chan which actually might be more embarrassing. I believe it was in a gender thread. I no longer go there though I could probably do with getting a thicker hide.

Anonymous 15250

…but how much CC users are normies?

Anonymous 15254

Internet people are just hidden away in closets anon, most of us have jobs, relationships, friendships, etc and function as a normal human being

Anonymous 15366


Don't want to reignite the argument, but I came across this video and it is a perfect example of the sexualization of female athletes that was mentioned before. Notice the gross comments from men, along the lines of "forget her jump, give her a medal for her ass".
The fact that women have to compete in these garments is outrageous in itself. For comparison, men usually compete in pic related (they can sometimes wear shorter shorts, but never panty-like form-fitting bottoms).

Anonymous 15378

personally i dont know lolcow. only heard of it there. i learnt about crystal cafe with twitter
maybe bc im french

Anonymous 15545


>im french
There's two of us! Je ne vais pas sur LolCow non plus, it's no good for the soul.

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