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Ballet Clothes Anonymous 15095

I'm going to be starting adult ballet lessons soon. I've been trying to find cute ballet clothes made from natural fabrics but nearly everything is polyester. I'm really surprised as I would have thought there would be a huge market for high end ballet clothes.

I want to have a few cotton leotards in different colours and arm lengths, real silk sheer wrap skirts, tights made from a natural material blend, and wrap cardigans from wool or cotton. I get really sweaty in synthetic materials, even when not exercising.

So far all I've been able to find are black cotton yoga pants and a leotard, both from Katz Dancewear, and random cardigans from non-dance brands.

Anyone know any brands that sell this sort of thing?

Pic related is the look I want (the costumes were made specially by Rodarte).

Anonymous 15096


Another look.

Anonymous 15097


And another.

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