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Hysterectomy questions Anonymous 15104

I'm a younger woman who had to have a hysterectomy due to medical problems out of my control. I'm six weeks post op and having problems. The doctors listen, but don't comment or offer advice on it all. They also kick the responsibility back and forth. 'not my area of expertise' they say.

Has anyone else had hives outbreaks, intestinal issues, and rapid weight gain after hysterectomy. I am not FTM, so I am not taking steroids. Just a XX with medical issues.

Anonymous 15105

I'm assuming it's something hormonal?

Anyway, you might have better luck asking on mumsnet as they have a lot of older women and women with medical knowledge. CC tends to have a younger audience.

Anonymous 15106

my mother had a hysterectomy a decade ago and has terrible weight gain from it too. i'm no doctor obviously, but my guess is that it has thrown your hormones off and put your body in a state of physical stress. I would get second and third opinions though. I would be worried about the hives.

Anonymous 15111

>rapid weight gain
was it a radical hysterectomy? If so, your body isn't producing hormones, which tanks metabolism. unless there's a cancer risk or something else holding you back, supplement with estrogen (or testosterone if you want to be a moid lmao)

Anonymous 15155

Yeah, you're in a really unusual place as a young wombless woman so get to a specific support group. HRT will be essential for you, cos your body isnt even nearly ready for menopause, but for the weird little stuff drs don't bother talking about you need some actual peers…

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