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Watery as fuck discharge Anonymous 15236

Anyone else get so much discharge that you feel like you've peed yourself and it soaks through your pants? What the hell is up with that?

I usually get it when I go out in the cold when it's winter and get chilly. Now I'm living in a house that's chilly except for my room, so whenever I go out to grab something I get slimy and it annoys me so damn much. I've been having more discharge more frequently and I'm not sure if it's just feeling cold or something else.
I know that it's not pee because I can hold myself, and my panties look all slick/shiny, not just wet. Unless you can pee out slime or something???

why does this happen

Anonymous 15244

Idk but if you use commercial panty liners, those contain chemicals that actually worsen discharge.

Anonymous 15245

Yeah, I'm the same. I have a lot of discharge and they can be pretty watery. Turned out I had a fungal infection. Went to see a midwife (in my country they do a similar job to gynecologist, and they're really easier to book) and she gave me some pills and a cream. Well this goddamn infection come and go and when I start to itch or after I took a shower I usually put some cream on my pussy and I noticed less discharges.
Also maybe doing some sort of sport to muscles up the vagina? I know they usually do that to women after pregnancies because it does help with discharge and water retention

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