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Sports Thread Anonymous 15302

What sports do you play, anons? I’ve been getting back into rock climbing.

Anonymous 15304

Right now, gymnastics only. I hope to get back into martial arts soon. I want to start lessons in ballet, horse riding, yoga, and pilates.

I used to hate all sports because I associated it so much with high school. So many memories of being in pain, feeling humiliated, and not being able to stop when I needed. However, I’ve now started to see it as a way of learning new skills and not focus on trying to get fit or anything. There are so many things I want to try.

Anonymous 15307

I have the same mindset anon. If I got back into climbing solely to lose weight, I wouldn’t enjoy it. Just trying to find rock climbing buddies now because I have no friends. So that’s kind of stressful.

Anonymous 15308

Could you ask at the place you climb if they know a way to meet someone? Or see if there are any Facebook groups in your area? Or put a note on a noticeboard?

Anonymous 15320

I found out about a female climbers group chat! There is a noticeboard at my gym too. I wish climbing was a solo sport but my gym doesn’t allow that.

Anonymous 15415

>I’ve been getting back into rock climbing.

can you do pull ups? they're so hard! i can't do even one

Anonymous 15423


I can’t do pull ups! My arm strength is pretty weak actually. I haven’t been able to do any rock climbing walls that involve using pure arm strength (like picrel).

Anonymous 15481

I've started poledancing on a whim and it was really fun. But I stopped because I really don't like my body hairs and I want to remove them permanently.

I also really like swimming but again, because of my body hairs and the fact that the pool tend to not be open at accessibles hours for me make it difficult.

I also used to do wall climbing and I loved it a lot, but I don't have a climbing place near me and I don't see myself doing it alone since I need a partner to support me while I climb.

So for now, I'm sticking to daily walks when I go to work. Because between the subway station and my workplace I have a good 20 mins by foot. And that keeps me relatively healthy which is really nice. I also slightly changed my diet and lost a bit of weight.

Rock climbing sounds really nice, I would love to do some if I could find a place near me

Anonymous 15482

no one in a class cares about your bodyhair anon

Anonymous 15488

Just shave it?

Anonymous 15491

I know, but I do.

Don't really have the patience and in some places when it grows back, it hurts like hell. I'm also quite prone to Ingrow hair so no thanks.

Anonymous 15498


Do any of you anons do martial arts?

Anonymous 15541

before the pandemic I did BJJ but I try not to roll with guys because… yeah… they are stronger and it doesn't really help because I will always compete against women

Anonymous 15542

Oh cool!! I just started BJJ! What belt level did you get to? I tried finding women's-only gyms but couldn't find any (fine with me as long as there are other women in the class).

Anonymous 15544

isn't it possible for womento beat guys at bjj? i tought the whole point of the martial art was that you can use leverage and technique to make up for a lack of strenght
like this girls

Anonymous 15547

Yes, I've read BJJ is good for women because it isn't heavily strength-based. Didn't stop men on the internet from telling me to quit because they "still could rape me" even if I knew BJJ. Well fuck them, I'm gonna keep training.

Anonymous 15565

Its pure cope, its better to have technique than not. Period.

Anonymous 15566

Thanks anon, agreed <3

Anonymous 15938

BJJ, MMA, Aikido. Every gym/dojo I've ever been to is super guy heavy (some don't even have women…) but I rarely come across people who are assholes about it. The only exception is the BJJ/MMA gym in my university town at the beginning of the semester. It's full of frat dudes who think they can prove something by trying to crush someone who they outweigh by 40lbs but they don't last the week.

Anonymous 15965

Luckily, i found a gym with multiple women after feeling really awkward in a completely male gym. Everyone irl has been super nice.

Anonymous 16065

Does anyone play softball? I'm planning to join a rec league (slow pitch, obviously)

Anonymous 16069

Do former sports count? I used to do swimming. My breaststroke was well, I think. Not really for competitive swimming, but I got 34Seconds in 50M which is fast enough.
Nowadays, though, I don't do it anymore. I'm scared of anyone finding out about my self harm scars. I really want to get back into it. Now, I do sprinting.

Anonymous 16136

You should honestly just get into boxing, especially if you’re interested in self defense.

Martial arts are kind of a meme, no offense. Knowing how to throw a hard punch and swiftly knock a moid out or stun him with a strike and immediately incapacitate him, is way more useful than knowing fancy wrestling moves or on the ground grappling.

That’s also pretty much useless in a real life fight, especially in a fight between a man and a woman. However if you’re doing it for fun or exercise then it’s not a problem.

Anonymous 16137

how hard is the sparring?

Anonymous 16283

If you are still here. I want to get into pole dancing. Is it ok that I have 0 strength and stamina? How long does it take to see any results?

Anonymous 16285

>Martial arts are kind of a meme, no offense.
Disagree but thanks for the disparagement lol

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