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PCOS Treatment? Anonymous 15380

Maybe a weird place to ask, but any other femanons struggling with PCOS and not knowing how to treat it? I don't trust using birth control pills or the like because many seem to report a slew of shitty side effects messing with their already messed up hormones. I don't trust my doctor and don't have a gyno appt. until May.

I noticed symptoms about a year ago and got an ultrasound to confirm the ovarian cysts, and as of the past month I'm noticing an uptick in hormonal acne and I'm starting to notice thinning hair at my scalp. Looking back at old pictures it seems my hair growth slowed down majorly in the past 3 to 4 years and I don't know if that's due to unrecognized PCOS or poor diet (I've struggled to meet my nutritional needs for years) or just genetics or something. I imagine my diet has contributed to developing PCOS. I see a lot of women treat it "naturally" with herbs and supplements but they all say different things.

The effect on my appearance has been contributing to a newfound intense body image insecurity.

Anonymous 15381

r u able to go to a doctor and talk to them about remedies? don't have it personally so can't help sorry. i never recommend taking birth control pills cus some of them are made out of pregnant mare piss and i won't do that to myself

Anonymous 15382

See an endocrinologist. Most symptoms of PCOS can be managed effectively by altering hormone levels.

Anonymous 15386

Hair loss might not be from just the hormones, have the same one, started taking multivitamins, biotin, calcium, and spironolactone every day. Slowed the hair loss after by a lot, also try to eat more meats but still in moderation.

Anonymous 15532

You're probably going to have to take some sort of drug at a correct dose. Something to consider is the Troon testosterone suppressant drug spironolactone. Hopefully that would help. And for hair loss, you could try minoxidil.

Unfortunately, the only real effective way to treat this is with drugs. Though, it doesn't necessarily need to be birth control.

Mainly, just talk with an endocrinologist.

Anonymous 15533

this. the main problem with pcos is that some testosterone (the precursor to estrogen) fails to get converted to estrogen. so you may have high testosterone, which causes male-pattern hair loss
you could consider taking spironolactone and even supplemental estrogen, depending on what your hormone levels are. many of the changes due to testosterone such as hairline rescission are irreversible so get on this ASAP

Anonymous 15543

Hello!! I'm so glad to see someone else with pcos because it feels impossible to find someone else who has it even though at least 10% of women are affected

I would recommend seeing an endocrinologist asap but they will suggest a form of birth control. there's no way around it. I stopped taking lo loestrin fe because it was making me vomit but then my periods were long and horrible. When I was 14 they lasted for six months at a time. So when I was 18 I got the nexplanon implant and I've barely had periods ever since. That's not to say I haven't suffered from mood swings, acne, facial hair growth or shitty metabolism but it's better than gagging from taking a pill every day.

Also, I had hair thinning/balding issues with long hair and I shaved my head to restart the growth and after two years it has grown back to shoulder length. Not everyone will take that approach but I like that I was able to confirm that my hair is growing correctly.

I have never taken spironolactone but I've seen it mentioned for many years as a PCOS treatment so it must work in many cases. Same with metformin for metabolic issues

Anonymous 15549

How can I reverse the effects of prenatal exposure to androgen? My doctor refused to prescribe me HRT even though she prescribes them to trannies

Anonymous 15550

google phytoestrogens or get on a high estrogen birth control. e.g. yasmin

Anonymous 15551

Should I take yasmin or combination pills such as Lutera?

Anonymous 15557

Can anyone here with PCOS relate? I recently started noticing long, black hairs around my jawline. I have blond body hair and light brown hair, and used to just have peach fuzz.

Moreover, I have suffered a massive cystic breakout around my lower face as well (there's probably 30 cysts down there it's that bad) of which I'm not really sure is causing it. I've always had some acne but this is the worst in my entire life and I'm in my late 20s.

Both developments have happening in the last 2 or so months.

I'm not 100% sure I have PCOS and it will be a few months until I can get an appointment with my doctor, so I'm asking here for now.

Anonymous 15559

i don't have PCOS but i know women who do and that sounds like PCOS to a T.

Anonymous 15574

I quit birth control for at least 2 years and im getting my period every month. Quitting is worth it, i feel less emotionally stunted. One day i want to see an endocrinologist

Anonymous 15850

Ok, so, I have pretty much all the symptoms of PCOS. I won't go into details besides this involving a thoroughly screwed up cycle.

So, I told this to my primary doctor and she just asked if I
I then asked for a specialist and she said it's just hormones and literally the only thing that can be done is the pill.
I have never been on birth control and I don't really trust it per se.

Is this the normal response? What should I do? Try another doctor or what?

Anonymous 15851

oops, forgot to continue. She just asked if I take birth control. I don't.**

Anonymous 15852

Go to an endocrinologist, a primary care doctor won’t know how to treat PCOS. She’s wrong btw, there are several treatment options.

Anonymous 15854

Thanks for the reaffirmation! Yeah, I sensed something off.
Like, I had two periods in two weeks, I am weirded out but she acted like the ultimate fix is birth control and there's no way of fixing it otherwise.

I will check with my insurance to see what I can work out.

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