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Anonymous 15384

Former amateur glima fighter here. Here's some good shit you can do that we learn in true combat courses:

Dirty clap tackles. Stomp on one foot and pin it down. Crouch and grab the opposite leg by the ankle and quickly stand up pulling the leg with you. As you stand put all of your weight into the opponent's chest via your shoulder and fall forward using them as a cushion. You will crush their diaphragm. This will likely puncture the lungs with the rib tips if you are heavy, and can be lethal. Regular clap tackles are a legal wrestling move wherein you do not stop the foot. Dirty ones hurt like hell and throw your opponent back faster.

Grab the nose between your thumb pad and index knuckle. Squeeze as hard as you can and pull up sharply. DO NOT DO THIS TO YOURSELF. DO NOT PRACTICE ON YOURSELF. This will destroy the nose. The bleeding will be so extreme that it may drown your opponent.

If you manage to land a bite, do not let go. Continue to clamp as hard as you can and shake your head until whatever flesh you grabbed comes clean off. If a fight is nasty enough that you need to bite, don't be afraid to rip someone's throat or shoulder out.

If you are significantly larger and stronger than your opponent you should not fight them traditionally. Rely on grapples and forced clenches. If your opponent if less than half your size pr weight it is likely you can squeeze them out with a bear grapple. Wrapping an arm around the thigh and slamming their head into things also works.

Generally if you are big enough that you can pick up or throw your opponent cleanly off the ground you should do it. Look for sharp furniture edges, curbs, and glass to make this more effective.

My grandfather was a trench raider in WWI, who insisted on passing some stuff on:

grab, twist, pull the nuts drops every male alive on the spot. It’s basically the first thing they teach Marines.

a thumb gouge to the eye is only the start - once your fingers are firmly in the eye socket, it’s a handle to use to smash the head into things.

don’t head the head, hit the throat - the Adam’s Apple if you can, but anywhere on the front or side is incapacitating.

ax stomping with the heel destroys pretty much anything it hits, and is possibly fatal if delivered to the solar plexus, throat, or temple.

if you have a knife, don’t let them know you have it until it’s in them. If you use it, use it to kill, as quickly as possible - repeated deep stabs to the body mass as fast as you can deliver them, or big full-armed swirling action in the guts.

And for all of the above, plus the stuff on the main comment - you don’t bring these out unless you’re playing for keeps. The minute you try any of them, the other person will be trying them on you. No halfway measures. You put them down hard and fast, or prepare to get fucked up in turn. Fights have unspoken rules because losing a fight hurts and is embarrassing, but isn’t incapacitating. These cripple for life.

Anonymous 15390

1 - WgV9z5H.jpg

>fights have unspoken rules
Just carry a gun you fucking retard.

Anonymous 15391

i had no intentions of doing anything besides lurking in this forum, but please don't listen to your gramps, he will get you killed on top of whatever terrible thing might happen to you.

Anonymous 15392

>just carry a gun
Not everyone lives somewhere where that's allowed you fucking retard

Anonymous 15397

I'm sorry but I laughed at this for some reason and I dunno why.

Anonymous 15413

glima is like jiujitsu right?

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