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Anonymous 15401

Anyone else feel absolutely miserable after shaving? As soon as I dry off after getting out of the shower, the itches from all those tiny cuts set my body on fire and get so painful that I end up nauseous and lightheaded for the next few hours. Does anyone know what I mean? Anyone know what to do to ease the pain?

Anonymous 15405

I don't get that much irritation after shaving. Maybe you should stop shaving?

Anonymous 15406

could you be allergic to the shaving cream you're using?

Anonymous 15539

Don't shave lol
I hated the rashes so i stopped. Fuck hairless bodies anyway

Anonymous 15546

I used to get that before I switched to a safety razor. Don't use some shitty drugstore shaving cream, use a nice one or shaving oil. I hear there are guides on yt for shaving razor techniques.

Anonymous 15548

Well the obvious solution is; don't shave but not everyone's comfortable with that. I too would rather not shave but end up doing it anyway because I don't want to deal with "ew nasty" or "why don't you shave??" comments.

What do you use to shave with? I find that a safety razor gets cleaner cuts with less irritation and it's cheaper too. Alternatively, how about using a delipatory cream? It works by weakening the keratin in your hair after which you can simply wipe off the hair after a few minutes. It doesn't create tiny cuts.

Anonymous 15563

try using nair it smells like shit but works & no razors needed. whatever u do always always always use lotion right after. im not pro shaving myself but my parents always forced it on me so i get it

Anonymous 15567

I use different types of conditioner. Also, is depilatory cream permanant?

Anonymous 15590

nair is not at all permanent, its basically chemical shaving. if you want something that lasts a bit longer, get an cheap epilator to try. epilating is nice because it after the first few times it grows back slower and finer so you dont notice as much.

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