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Water fasting Anonymous 15402

Would it kill me to go on a water fast on my period? I don't have anything to do for the next two weeks and I wanna lose weight so I'm thinking of fasting for 10 days or maybe longer if I can stand it. The longest I've gone without food was 9 days but that was a couple years ago

Does anyone have any experience with fasting?

Anonymous 15403

You're better off reducing caloric intake to sub-700. If you want, you can try a ketogenic diet as well. No matter what, you will be miserable the first few days of it. Diet + exercise is your best bet. Don't abuse your body, either. Listen to what it's telegraphing you. Also drink tea. Stop if you feel unwell.

Anonymous 15404

Is fasting really effective or healthy? That doesn't seem like a good idea to fast for that long, especially if you're not overweight.

Anonymous 15408

Just start with a 16 hour fast

Anonymous 15409

I've lost 45 lbs just by fasting and overall eating less. Fasting makes me want to eat less when I do eat. Just try skipping breakfast or doing just black coffee/water. Take a small snack during lunch with any meds if you need them (alternatively vitamins) and have a small dinner. That's how I started. Of course on special occasions I'll eat and drink a little more in calories

Anonymous 15412

Just restrict calories and eat light a couple times a day. You'll feel less shit and you'll still lose weight.

Anonymous 15416

You shouldn't jump into fasting for 10 days if you're not used to it. I've ended up fainting in front of people doing that stupid shit. Just do intermittent fasting, it's far more sustainable and you'll still significantly reduce your calories. Add a bit of light excersise since you've got nothing to do anyway..

Anonymous 15417

You’re gonna put yourself into ketosis fasting that long. Don’t screw with your body for no good reason. Damage adds up.

Anonymous 15418


Anonymous 15419

Water fasting that long should be fine unless you are extremely malnourished…. Or there’s something wrong with your organs. The only thing I would say is when you’re fasting it tends to lower your immune function… so during a period you may be more likely to get a uti. (Or even things like yeast infections)

P.S if you still are planning on doing this I’ll do it with you. This is my discord : lard#7846

Anonymous 15420

But don't most people want ketosis? Like most people who want to lose weight want to lose fat.

Anonymous 15422

That is not a good idea. Losing blood makes you lose iron and as a result you become dizzy and lethargic. You will just make that worse by not eating. Plus your cramps will be very painful.

Anonymous 15455

It seems irrational. Why fast for a few days and lose a very limited amount of weight instead of simply cutting your calories for a longer time?

Anonymous 15456

not OP but this sentence disembodied looks more silly than anything. "why get what you want sooner if you can work for months longer?"

Mild caloric restriction is good (too much isn't, nobody should eat 500 cals a day) in terms of health. Some fasting is fine.
Eating through the entire day for example conditions ghrelin to be released and blood sugar to spike through the day which in turn makes people want to eat all the time, etc. Eating "light" through the day basically conditions someone to feel hungry through the entire day. I advise people to look up the subject.

I think OP's problem is more that she wants to do a massive fast for some reason.

Anonymous 15457

tag doesn't work

Anonymous 15458

I do this all the time, I just wanted to know if it'd be dangerous to do it on my period
if you want to lose weight fast yes it's effective
the problem is trying not to gain all the weight you lost back
>your cramps will be very painful
they're already extremely painful on normal days

Anonymous 15467

It looks silly because you misread it or maybe don't understand how weight loss works. She will not lose a lot of weight by fasting for 10 days. She may lose a lot of weight by limiting calories for a longer period of time.
>Eating "light" through the day basically conditions someone to feel hungry through the entire day.
There is very little scientific validity for this, or for "intermittent fasting" as a whole. Weight loss boils down to CICO, there's nothing else to it. You can achieve it by fasting, but it is not sustainable. Not sustainable = you'll gain your weight back. Why do something that has an 100% chance of failure? It's simply irrational.

Anonymous 15568

This nona gets it.

Anonymous 15570

>Weight loss boils down to CICO, there's nothing else to it.
Exactly, there's nothing complicated about it.

Anonymous 15571

What, so ghrelin levels and how it changes depending on a person's eating pattern is a myth?

Anonymous 15573

Also, you misread me too. I said mild caloric restriction was fine and good. I wasn't disagreeing with CICO as a whole.

In the past I fasted for maybe 1-2 days at a time ever 2 weeks and cut my calorie intake by 200 calories and lost calories extremely quickly. What helped me was not getting used to snacking all the time and eating the right foods instead of blindly doing "CICO".
Someone can post evidence proving that small meals are best for a person bc I'd be interested.

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