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Bullying Anonynoose 15604

Brother told me I probably couldn’t have children, being an asshole again. Does anyone have advice for how to combat these pricks that comment on appearance and whether or not I can have kids? I’m thinking maybe throwing tampon at him would be the ultimate fuck you to that comment

Anonymous 15605

id say to tell him no woman will ever fuck him, but he's a man so he will probably beat you.
try the tampon thing but he could masturbate to it.
theres no winning with moids, make him seethe silently by becoming the best version of yourself inside and out. that will be a blow to his (already clearly damaged) ego

Anonymous 15606

also i wanted to add moids image of women and bodies is skewed because of all the plastic porn they watch since 12 and their own mental illness, you more than likely look just fine and cute anonette

Anonymous 15608

What's your BMI? If it's outside the Normal range your fertility actually would be negatively affected in a serious way.

Anonymous 15609

seconding this, though correlation between making a man cum and BMI is inverse, so I think the brother might be right if she has a high BMI.

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