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Anonymous 15645

Are some women really just not suited for long hair? I'm trying to grow it out but I end up looking like picrel.

My mother is vehemently against me having long hair because she keeps saying "Your hair looks bad long", "You aren't meant for long hair" etc.

I've wanted it to be at least waist-length since I was very young but even I am starting to notice it looks like shit these days compared to when I had it shorter.

Anonymous 15646

You should try hair extensions !

Anonymous 15647

i have a similar problem. i wonder if it's just from not taking care of it, since i dont tie it up before bed or brush it enough. any long hair s have suggestions?

Anonymous 15648

It looks frizzy and unkempt? What's your routine OP?

Anonymous 15650

My hair is also far from perfect, pretty thin and gets oily pretty fast, and I can't grow it past the end of my should blades, but I look even worse with short hair .You can even see my scalp when it gets oily or even when I'm not brushing thoroughly.

Anonymous 15651

Do you use conditioners? My hair gets tangled and looks frizzy without it. If you do, is it shitty or a quality one?

Anonymous 15652

Everyone has something they look great in, something that doesn't quite look right on them, and often what you like doesn't match up with what looks good on you. Some men look much better with long hair, some women look good with short, some people just look great when bald. You should try to make sure your hair is healthy before you decide what style looks good with you, though.
Maybe you could try on some wigs and see how they look on you?

Anonymous 15654


Sorry, not interested in hair extensions. I want real long hair.


Shampoo and conditioner. That's it.


Not until very recently, actually. I was also told by my mom that my hair doesn't need any, but decided to try it for myself and I think there is a slight reduction in the tangledness/frizziness. Not sure. I use the L'oreal Elvive Total Repair 5 one (+ the Shampoo one), because I saw someone recommending it for hair growth.


Wigs do seem interesting and fun to expirement with, but like mentioned with >>15646 I'd prefer real long hair. If I end up not being able to make it look good no matter what I do, I won't mind cutting it.

Anonymous 15655


Also, I do wonder if the water being too hard and the amount of chlorine in it or something isn't making it look worse. I think it's looked better every time I've showered in my mom's apartment. The water is kind of crap at my place, in comparison.

Anonymous 15656

>If your hair is curly/wavy then look at r/curlyhair for routines.
>Don't use any heat on your hair, not even a hairdryer.
>Use real silk pillowcases and hair ties.
>Avoid metal things in your hair.
>Use the thickest conditioner you can find.
>Let your hair get oily if you aren't going anywhere and brush the oil through your hair.
>Don't brush or comb wet hair. Use your fingers under the shower.
>If your hair is naturally wavy, pleat in the morning and then undo later for neater waves.
>Use Olaplex 0 and 3 every couple of weeks and leave on for hours. Only buy from sellers listed on the Olaplex site as lots of fake sellers out there.
>Don't dye your hair. A boring natural colour in good condition looks better than dyed blonde that is falling out.
>Get your hair trimmed whenever you see split or dried ends. Your hair should always feel soft and healthy.
>Get Japanese straightening. It's more expensive than Brazilian but permanent.

Anonymous 15657

Bad water can definitely play a role. How much conditioner do you put on ? I put a shit ton usually and leave it for around 5-15mins, then squeeze out the leftovers back into the container (I know some people would find that gross or pointless but really it's just hair you're not putting the conditioner on your asshole), it seems to have more of an effect than using only a tiny bit and leaving it for <3mins.
I remember how I put 3 different conditioners onto my hair, for 10 mins each, my hair was silky smooth after that. I don't recommend doing it though because it's a waste of time and probably the conditioners too.

Anonymous 15658

>then squeeze out the leftovers back into the container
I was thinking about doing this recently but I wondered if my wet hair won’t dilute the conditioner?

Anonymous 15659

A little bit, probably. But as long as you're not pouring the water directly into the container it won't affect anything that much, I should've also mentioned people have different hair porosity so if your hair doesnt absorb moisture very well you might need to leave the conditioner for a bit longer, while for others 2-3 mins is enough.

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