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Alternatives to grain /rice carbohydrates (that don't taste BAD) Anonymous 15686

Ok I've been trying to do keto for a while. I tried some soybean pasta/ edamame pasta into carbonara but the bean taste overpowered the whole dish. Is the yellow Pea pasta any better?

I need an alternative for rice too…

I don't know how to live without these staples but I gotta find something that works. Carbs make me tired.

Anonymous 15689

Best pasta substitute I've found is using sliced mushrooms. Cook them a bit without any seasoning. Tastes like you are eating mushroom ravioli. Texture is pasta like, flavour not that strong. Not processed and extremely low calorie but very filling.

For rice, I just eat the meal without rice. Mild curry with just the curry and extra vegetables for example.

Anonymous 15710

Thanks I will try this what else to do you eat to replace carbs with?

Anonymous 15711

What other carbs do you like?

Other swaps I do are instead of doritos and dip, use sticks of cucumber and homemade dip (no sugar). Or instead of a bag of crisps, have a bag of spinach (sounds weird but both are crunchy).

Some people make spaghetti out of courgette (zucchini) but I prefer using mushrooms.

Anonymous 15714

If you can get enoki mushrooms they make great noodles

Anonymous 15715

Chickpea pasta literally tastes and feels like normal pasta. No bean taste at all. If you overcook them though you get Aquafaba or whatever it’s called the bean water boiling voer

Anonymous 15717

Do you they make mushroom pasta?!

Anonymous 15718

I've looked into chickpea pasta and been informed its high in carbs

Anonymous 15719


OP baby you can't eat legumes on keto. There are loads more carbs than just wheat and white sugar. I would advice you to read a bit more about keto and food groups, maybe some videos on youtube? Pinterest is also a good recipe/meal inspo site to use. I also found this article after a quick googling https://www.ditchthecarbs.com/easy-low-carb-swaps/

There is also many keto/low carb processed foods nowadays in grocery stores depending on your location, like shirataki noodles that are basically zero calorie.

Anonymous 15723

No idea, I just use actual mushrooms.

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