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Weight loss Anonymous 15695

I'm only allowing myself to eat a maximum of 400 calories a day and doing brisk walks for one hour (I'm trying to increase the time gradually.) My weight is 49kg and I'm 5'0, which means a little bit fatty. How much weight will I lose in four months? I don't look pretty enough, so I'm going to try and lose weight instead.

Anonymous 15696

This isn't the way sister…

Anonymous 15697

My metabolism is naturally slow. I eat a lot of fiber everyday (the few times I eat, I usually load them with fiber). I get the daily intake, but I don't even lose a lot of weight. I exercised for around 300 minutes per week during those times, but it was very stagnant. I guess cutting off food is the only way. I don't even eat the really high fatty fast foods, my diet was healthy and sugary/salty foods were consumed in moderation. I really want to look pretty without a dress sticking to my stomach.

Anonymous 15698

Lift weights

Anonymous 15699

>400 calories/day for 4 months
Yeah good luck with that lol

Anonymous 15700

>>15697 You're not losing weight because you're already at an incredibly normal weight, if you actually eat at that much of a calorific deficit you will become very sick and feel like shit 24/7. Get into makeup and hair or whatever if you wanna look prettier. Anorexia only results in binge eating and an indefinitely fucked up metabolism.

Anonymous 15701

where does that gif come from

(+good luck and eat meat omg)

Anonymous 15702

400 calories are not nearly enough to maintain your body's functions. Start with your TDEE (you can find calculators online) -10% for the first week, + light exercise.
Then, subtract an additional 10% every week until you get to -30%, and then DO NOT go below -30%. You can stay at -30% for a few weeks, or until you have lost enough weight.

This gradual process ensures you won't get all that weight back as soon as you stop this ridiculously insane diet. Don't starve yourself. You will only hurt yourself and get 0 benefits.

Anonymous 15703


i'm not sure how committed you are to this 400 calorie thing, but in case you don't take the other anons advice to just not do it, i can try to give some starvation advice from first-hand experience (this is my experience at least, results may vary)

first: it will usually take a huge amount of willpower to only eat that much for any extended period. it may seem easy at first, but the longer it goes on, the more you will want to eat something carb/fat heavy. it might help long-term to designate like one day a week where you can eat a meal of something sugary/high-carb/etc. just to give your body something to look forward to

second: at least initially, you will lose weight at a very very rapid pace. i'm in a completely different weight bracket (5'10 80kg), so my weight loss numbers wouldn't rly help you, but you could expect to lose anywhere from ~1-3lbs per week and (in 4 months) could probably get your weight from 49kg to like 37-40 (your progress would eventually slow down a lot, since you already seem like you're pretty skinny and probably don't have much excess fat or muscle to lose, but it would be very quick at first)

third: (at least in my experience) your body will feel like a nightmare afterwards. if you fully commit to 400cal/day, your body will definitely adapt to it after 4 months, and will not like when you reintroduce real portion sizes and caloric intake. i'm talking like even like one burger or one bowl of cereal causing stomach cramps, chills, maybe occasional vomiting, you get the gist. also, since ur body has 'learned' to live with 400cals, any excess (even a low intake like 1200cals) will end up being stored as fat. so unless you plan on eating 400cals forever (dying) or very very slowly upping your caloric intake again (like increasing it by 30% every month back up to 2000, taking another like 4-5 months) then be prepared to feel like shit for an extended period of time

again, im not a health expert so take whatever im saying with a grain of salt (including your food, add salt to it since salt is 0 calories and promotes hydration which will make you feel more full)
despite you thinking that you need to lose weight (you dont! please dont develop an eating disorder), you might not even have enough fat storage to support 4 months of starvation. you could very realistically and accidentally starve yourself into being chronically lethargic, weak, and depressed then possibly suffering from refeeding syndrome and being hospitalized

be safe!

Anonymous 15704

Courage the Cowardly Dog's 'The Mask' episode.
I've been at it for five days now. So far, it feels like nothing has changed although my only meal for today was a cheese bacon burger which, I think, is 600 calories. I'll try to follow the gradually adding calories to meals part, but I don't think I want to go up to more than 1000 calories.

Anonymous 15705

This is the right answer. If your metabolism is slow, it means you don't have enough muscle. Restricting yourself to 400 cal while eating like shit means you will lose even more muscle mass and screw yourself over even more. I can already tell what's going to happen if you continue down this road. Option 1: you fail to eat 400cal/day, and you end up in a restrict/binge cycle where you feel like shit while losing no weight. Option 2: you eat 400cal/day for 4 months, lose weight, feel like shit because you went about it in the wrong way and now have problems with your organs and have a slower metabolism than you did before. Option 3: You damage your heart while trying this and end up in the hospital.

What you should REALLY do: calculate your TDEE. Don't go below this. You don't have enough muscle mass right now to justify burning through it. Start eating at least 40% of your calories from just protein and begin a strength training program while gradually lifting more. You will lose fat, gain muscle, and then if after 4 months of this you still have excess fat, you can lower the amount you're eating. You should see way better results with this than your original plan.

Anonymous 15706

You will lose weight, but it will leave you with an untoned, pancake ass. I wish I had put my mind into eating healthy and exercising, but I choose to go down to the road you're heading into, and let me tell you, it's hell.
Even if you lose, you will still see yourself as fat and hate your body. I really think this is not the answer, but I've been in your place and I know that you probably won't listen and think that you'll do different, and it will work for you.
Alas, no one can't stop you, only yourself. If you feel like doing it, just try to stay as safe as possible. Anyway, I like using this site to define my goals:

Anonymous 15707

This is a stupid diet. Even if it works and you lose weight, you still will have to adjust back to eating normally which will cause weight gain until you get the balance right. You'll end up yoyo dieting and it will affect your health and looks.

Instead focus on making long term changes so that you don't have to diet again, e.g. no more sugar, eat more filling vegetables, smaller portions, etc.

Anonymous 15708

I'll be doing this alongside you for 10 days. I'm doing a water fast and walking 1 hour per day. Hoping to drop 10lbs during this time frame. After it's complete I'll add in more difficult exercises and eat at a deficit. Day 1 almost down… 9 more to go!

Anonymous 15709

I've gotten more muscle recently and I magically dropped 5 pounds in the past month even though I feel as if I've been pigging out. I don't really know why but I agree with the anons talking about lifting. Also, maybe don't eat as little as 400 because it does make your body grow accustomed to it too much. Mild caloric restriction is extremely healthy.
Look into high-satiety foods.

Anonymous 15712

wanna-rexic phase thread, ignore

Anonymous 15948

Is this a troll?
I'm sorry love, but you're actually mentally retarded.
If you're gonna restrict that much (which btw, good fucking luck. See how sustainable that is in a few months.) then you can't space them out throughout the day with small 'snacks'. Pick an hour in the day when you eat, the rest of the time you fast with water and or unsweetened coffee or tea. This way your body is in a state of ketosis, which uses the fat on your body for energy; not the muscles and other vitals. The typical restriction diet that anorexics do is exactly what you're planning, and it will make you miserable. You'll be ravenously hungry, you'll lose mostly muscle and not the fat and you'll end up getting a binge-eating disorder.
Take my advice from over a decade of dieting and eating disorders: do fasting. You don't need to restrict that much. Fasting is the way to go. Search up intermittent fasting.

Anonymous 15949

why stop at 400? 50 oughta do it!

Anonymous 15951

I always manage to stick to my calorie goal during normal days, but there's a social event with food I just lose track of what I'm eating and ruin all the effort I pulled during the week. I been staying in the same region for a while now and it's getting old. Any advice to stop myself from shoving free food into my mouth. A mantra? Starve myself before and after?

Anonymous 15952

I know this is a wannarexic thread but chill out anon. 1 day of "fucking up" is not going to outdo a whole week of progress. You do not turn into a fatty overnight. Weight is gained by prolonged bad habits over a period of time.

Anonymous 15954

I'm not at fatty weight, I just want to be thinner but have sort of plateoud.

Anonymous 15955

I never said you were. I am saying, you are not going to undo your progress and gain weight just because you had 1 day where you fell off the wagon. Just get back on it again the next day. Also, if you are going to an event, do NOT skip out on meals earlier in the day. Eat your normal breakfast and lunch or whatever. Going all day without eating in anticipation of a social event is how you get hungry and end up binging at the event.

Anonymous 16604

Tfw you are recovering and are the same weight and height as op. Exactly why I dont lurk /hb

Anonymous 16614


You are not fat. That is a normal weight.
Jesus, what is wrong with people…
Stop starving yourself that does not help anyone.

Anonymous 16616

I cant lose weight no matter what (im on antidepressants) Last night i took a shower so quickly so i wouldnt look at the monstrosity that is my body

Anonymous 16617

Isn't it counteractive if the antidepressants cause you to be more depressed?

Anonymous 16618

Im not really depressed about it more like disgusted and just avoidant of the whole thing. I take anti depressants for life related anxieties not my body if i stop taking them i’ll go back to waking up panicking everyday. It just sucks to have be fat, i had such a beautiful hourglass thin figure before this whole ordeal :/

Anonymous 16619

Antidepressiva have that kind of effect. A friend of mine gained a lot of weight wenn she got on them,but they helped her so much, that she said "I prefer to be fat and fuktional, than going back to the mess I was."
But I understand you. Do you have to take the meds your whole life?

Anonymous 16627

>do you have to take the meds your whole life
I just started them this year so it isn’t clear. i have tried to taper off a couple of times after my psychiatrist’s required time frame of using them but i got back to being anxious and a wreck so honestly it could be 9 more months of this or for life

Anonymous 16629

The best thing to do while you're on them and semi-functional is making improvements to your life that might allow you to stop taking them eventually. There are environmental factors that can induce anxiousness that you might not even be aware of. There was some woman who was hallucinating for months and she became a mental wreck and it turned out she just had a black mold infestation and she went back to normal after it was cleared.

Anonymous 16796

well it's been 5 months. are you alive? did this work?

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