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Anonymous 15721

Does anyone else feel alienated by the way people talk about puberty? Maybe it's because I was a fat, loserly child so I had bigger concerns (no pun intended), or maybe it's because my family was chill and accepting. Either way, I have zero emotions positive nor negative towards puberty and it makes me feel alone.

Anonymous 15722

I barely noticed puberty happened tbh

Anonymous 15724

puberty barely happened to me so yeah. also makes me feel awkward when topic of bras/boobiez comes up, i forget that normally women my age have them

Anonymous 15732

Yeah I never got why it was such a big fucking deal. Most of it was pretty neutral. Even when I got my period, I hear some girls have this mini "celebration" for becoming a woman or some shit, well when my period came I knew what it was, my grandma told me, so I just got a pad and didn't give a shit as my first few periods had none of the pain or PMS I get nowadays.
I mean periods being some gateway into womanhood is honestly pedophile moid logic ("if she bleeds she's ready to breed.")
Most other changes I literally ignored and garnered an unenthusiastic "oh", or if they did leave a blip on my radar it was really nothing. It wasn't a rollarcoaster ride of embarassment and hormones like some people describe.

Anonymous 15737

It made me feel sad. I wanted to be a child forever.

Anonymous 15744


I also began pretty early, partly due to being overweight. I started menstruating at 9. I'm sure some people have valid fears around puberty especially if they had no education or warning about it. The big issue with adolescence isn't adolescence itself, but the adults in your life and the kids around you. My mom and grandmother didn't get that I couldn't use tampons at 10, I still can't as an adult. The issue wasn't I was scared or hated my period, I hated tampons and the adults being reluctant to give me my pads. Breasts and wearing bras was easy, but kids at school do not make that process easy with their insults and eyes.

OP is right, puberty is just a process everybody goes through, there's nothing inherently bad about it or great. It's normal and healthy, it's just how the people in our life react that make the idea of it traumatic.

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