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Anonymous 15726

i am self conscious that smiling will accelerate wrinkles so sometimes i force myself to not smile but then i hear that smiling makes you beautiful so which is it?

anon 15727

You stop whining like a bitch and do whatever you want

Anonymous 15728

wew rude anon

Anonymous 15729

Do your daily skincare and you should be okay! Dont worry too much smile! I’d rather be with a laughing grandma face rather a grumpy grandma face

Anonymous 15730

I never smile because I have no reason to. I don't have wrinkles but I look ugly regardless.

Anonymous 15731

You will get wrinkles no matter what. Laugh lines make older people look more approachable and nice. Don't sweat it, you will only drive yourself mad like that

Anonymous 15741

Totally worth a thread of its own. May I suggest this already existing thread for your little concerns about skincare?

Anonymous 15749

You will never be a 14 year old anime girl, smile, we all will rot. Death is inevitable, aging is inevitable whether you smile or not

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