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nylon stocking hate thread Anonymous 15770

I don't get it. Why buy and wear them at all?
They don't really cover your legs, at all. I still have to shave my legs when I wear them because you can still see all the hair matted down in them because they're literally see through.
They don't keep your legs warm, at all. You might as well wear absolutely nothing.
They're extremely uncomfortable with practically no benefit at all.
On top of that, they constantly rip and get runners in them and are good for like maybe 3 uses max.
Just get some normal winter stockings made out of stronger material that have a purpose.
Seriously, why buy these things unless they're the nicer fashion kind with patterns on them or something? They have no fucking purpose.
I'm fucking tired of clothing companies making using their shitty and pointless products fashion etiquette and brainwashing the whole population into wasting their fucking money.

Anonymous 15771

I've never worn them, but I support your hate of them.

Anonymous 15772

Hate them too. I’m glad that they are less fashionable these days. They feel so artificial when you wear them and so terrible for the environment.

Now I only wear wool tights in winter and nothing in summer. I don’t care if neither of these choices are sexy. I already have a bf, I don’t want another one.

Anonymous 15773

I really enjoy them. You should try wearing more comfortable ones. I like the opaque silky ones.

Anonymous 15774

why? what is enjoyable about them?

Anonymous 15775

I wore them to a wedding where wearing opaque tights felt a bit out of season but my legs are way too pale to go bare-legged.

Anonymous 15776

They look horrible. Since I don't like or think about them, there's always a moment where I think someone's skin pigmentation is messed up. The orange ones look even more disgusting.

Anonymous 15777

The "too pale" thing needs to die already. Every natural skin colour should be acceptable.

Anonymous 15778

Why are they even a thing? Whose legs are that colour?

Anonymous 15779

I like how they can balance out an outfit, but finding a comfy and durable pair is hard. Shopping for tights and seeing how many are marketed to slim down your tummy grosses me out a bit too.

Anonymous 15780

I have a skin condition. My skin is scaly. The stockings not only make me feel confident, they just look cute to boot. I like colorful ones like yellow/blue/pink but mostly just wear white.

Anonymous 15781

images (23).jpeg

The only good stockings are the straight black ones. Oh my god I love how they look.

Anonymous 15782

images (22).jpeg

Well basically any SHEER hose is super annoying to me. I feel like the colored hoses are more durable too.

Anonymous 15783

>Well basically any SHEER hose is super annoying to me. I feel like the colored hoses are more durable too.
Because those aren't nylon stockings, they're tights usually woven in a different way and made of a different fabric (cotton is common). Those are fine IMO because they serve a purpose and don't get shredded after 2 uses.

Anonymous 15784


I love stockings. I feel more confident to show my legs when I'm using them, because it doesn't feel like I'm showing anything and it makes my thighs look thinner.

Anonymous 15785

pristine style, saved

Anonymous 15788

I'm actually fine with it, but my legs are literally white and it was the first time I shaved in a while so I had to cover up a few nicks and a little bruise too.


i think they really add a lot to the outfit, i know they made kind of a comeback with the latest aesthetic of like "off-duty" model type of outfits. and if you find a good enough brand you wont have to shave your legs.

Anonymous 15817

they sexy on me

Anonymous 15826

Why? Because my legs are fucking fat and repulsive looking, and people stare at me if I do not try to cover up even in the hottest weather

Anonymous 15835

What is the purpose? Because they look cute and sometimes they make me feel like I'm not really showing as much leg.

Like this looks so good imo. Better than opaque ones.

Anonymous 15838

I wear them to cover my stretch marks and cellulite…

Anonymous 15839

no1curr about them anon

Anonymous 15842

i'm a leg picker :( but skin colored tights look so shit. idk what to do, if i dont shave i don't pick but then i have leg hair. if i shave/wax i pick the ingrowns and left behind hairs.
pants season 24/7 baybee

Anonymous 15843

you probably have adhd

Anonymous 15844

lol it's either that or OCD (my mom has it)
i am trying different techniques to distract myself because i do it when i am bored or anxious. but my legs heal so slowly.

Anonymous 15845

maybe try laser hair removal?

Anonymous 15846

i had a consultation but i chickened out. i may try again in the fall/winter this year but we'll see. thanks anon

Anonymous 15858

best to do it over the winter anyway as you have to avoid all sun exposure

Anonymous 15860


To all you anons insecure about cellulite or fat, I can guarentee you nobody cares or is staring at you, you just think so because you're insecure. The only time I stare at someone in public because I am so shocked and disgusted by their appearence is because they are morbidly obese, I'm not talking about overweight, "chubby", or "really fat", but morbidly obese (t. american), and often times for some reason I most commonly see these women in grocery stores wearing clothes waaaayyy to small for them, not just "revealing" clothes, but clothes they can't actually fit into.
Picrel is what I am talking about.
Also nobody cares about scarring or bruises or paleness. I don't stare at people if thet have banged up legs because the majority of the population does.

Anonymous 15861

I saw a chubby woman with belly rolls hanging out wearing a crop top and walking down the street the other day and instead of thinking "yuck", I actually admired her self confidence to wear whatever she wanted. Same for the time I saw a woman with terrible acne and no make-up happily sitting from the window in a cafe.

Anonymous 15862

Terrible acne and being morbidly obese aren't comparable. Obesity is a choice.

Anonymous 15864

Both can be affected by your lifestyle or by genes.

Anonymous 15865

Yes, but also no. Speaking as someone who has been fat and had/has acne.
I do genetically retain weight (including muscle) more easily, but losing it was far less complicated than healing my skin has been. Comparing eating less to the huge life overhaul and restrictions that acne has imposed on me shows that, at least to me.

That said, bullying and glaring at anyone in public for not being perfect is stupid and weird. Fat people know they're fat and acne sufferers know they have lesions all over their face. And I agree with >>15861 we should all have confidence even WHILE we deal with these health issues. We want them gone, but are allowed to be happy even when we have them.

Anonymous 15871

No one is morbidly obese from "genes." As an acne sufferer you're pissing me off

Anonymous 15872

Truth hurts.

Anonymous 15876

If you have acne it's probably because of a shit diet which is entirely your fault.

Anonymous 15877

Nta but not always true.
My diet is very limited and I have systemically eliminated or kept items which do or do not flare up my acne. Because of this my current diet is restrictive and more thought out than the average clearskinfag. I also have stomach issues right now, so only eat boiled veggies, plain chicken and fish, potatoes, plain noodles, and oats. No sugar, dairy, oil, or processed food. But guess what? A handful of pimples, always.

This is also very personal, since problems can range from lactose intolerance/food allergies to needing more probiotics. This isn't even including the other nuances in skincare that can break people out (sensitivity to certain ingredients, allergies, etc.) and possible hormone issues.

Acne is ridiculously complex, so please don't just assume every acne sufferer is taking poor care of themselves. Acne is fucking horrible in every way so why would we not be trying to solve it?

Anonymous 15880

Agreed there. I have a friend that lives off a diet of Mcdonalds and cake (unironically) and has perfect baby skin. 0 suncare. 0 skincare. Etc.

I feel like there's been a recent trend of people trying to write off every physical "ugliness" to a moral failing and 99% within their control, and it's very creepy.

Anonymous 15881

Smells like coping fatties in here
Yes acne can be because of your diet but its far more genetic than being fat. NOBODY is morbidly obse from having bad genetics-sure you can be more likely to retain fat but no one just becomes morbidly obese without having an extremely shitty lifestyle. PLENTY of people have normal diets and lifestyles and still struggle with acne, and a lot of it can just be hormonal, I get acne before and on my period.
Even so, the lifestyle choices that involve bad acne are nowhere near the lifestyle choices that make you end up like this.
Quit coping, your rampant eating disorder is not comparable with just acne.

Anonymous 15882

Acne can be like allergies, not everyone will be affected by the same thing but for those who are, their diet will affect it. It sounds like your friend isn't one of them but that doesn't mean everyone will be fine.

They might not have wrinkles now but they will in the future as lack of suncare affect everyone.

Anonymous 15893

How old is this friend?

Anonymous 16084

I like them purely from an aesthetic point of view but I don't wear them because they tend to rip or snag really easily and I feel like I've wasted my money.
I like opaque or semi-opaque tights.

Anonymous 16085

I no longer wear them because I got fed up with how quick they tear but when I did wear them it was to cover my legs when it felt inappropriate/too summery to go out with bare legs even though it was possible weather-wise.

Anonymous 16117

They make tights that are super hard to rip, I know sheertex is a brand that specializes in this I’m not sure of any other. I haven’t ever tried them but I’ve heard good things? Obviously pricier than normal tights but they last much longer (buying 3 10$ umbrellas vs one $30 umbrella type of logic)

Anonymous 16118

I've looked into Sheertex before but they didn't stock my prefered colour at the time (dark grey) and I heard they have a weird texture?

But what really kept me from getting them was that they'd have to last me about 1 year or more wearing them 2-3 times a week to be cost effective against the cheap thights I used to purchase. And I found no reviews of women who had worn them that long.. most of them were a few weeks or months tops. At 60 euro for a pair that risk was a bit too large for me.

Anonymous 16143

I like them because they’re a security thing for me. I really hate going out and having moids stare at my legs, but in the summer it’s too hot to wear pants. Sheer stockings are like a security blanket for me and help me stop feeling so exposed or ‘naked’ in public.

Anonymous 16144

Only the crappy western granny ones are really orange like that. In Japan they have lots of nice pale thin low denier options and even toeless ones for if you’re wearing open toed heels. I heard in Japan having bare legs in public is seen as kind of weird and inappropriate, so most office ladies and women wearing skirts will wear pale flesh color tights. Many of them are so sheer you can barely notice them. You can see it on the subway a lot.

Anonymous 16166

I’ve bought sheertex tights and I do really like them and think they’re worth the cost. They’re unfortunately not able to be as sheer as regular stockings, but I’ve worn the sheer black pair I currently own probably 20+ times over the last two years and haven’t gotten any runs or holes so I think they’re a better value than my regular tights which usually rip after 1-2 wears.

Like >>16118 kind of mentioned though their selection is really limited to black tights or fugly shapewear. I wish they sold tights with a comfortable non-shapewear waistband, colored tights or ones with cute pattern weaves. The texture isn’t weird at all imo, they’re just made of a heavier synthetic than most tights.

Personally I love the look of tights but hate the feeling of them compressing my waist. My fave ever tights had a very stretchy comfy yoga waistband but like all the others they ripped in like 3 hours lol.

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