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pussy discharge? 15792

so my boyfriend is coming into town in a few days. weve been long distance and ive never hooked up with him. he talks about eating my pussy but i am so nervous about my discharge. my other ex boyfriends rarely went down on me so im really insecure about it. do you have any advice on how to get rid of discharge? i use a q-tip to try and get it out and it seems to be fine but if theres any other suggestions please let me know.

Anonymous 15795

no men care about this anon

in fact they probably like that you are wet

Anonymous 15796

Yeah, most men don't even know what discharge is and he'll be flattered because he'll think you're wet for him haha.

Anonymous 15813

You have to break in your moid and set the hierarchy correctly. When the moid eats you out make sure to piss in his mouth. He'll think you're squirting orgasm and believe he's doing a good job because thats what he sees from porn. At the end you want to be the one fucking his ass with a strap on or dildo or anything you can do to emasculate him and put the moid in his place. Don't ever suck his dick or allow piv

Anonymous 15991

some things i want you to know:

discharge is normal and the amount, texture and color changes throughout your menstrual cycle from dry to sticky to creamy to wet to eggwhite etc (if you're not on hormonal birth control ofc). it's best to do some research and get to know what's healthy and what's not. porn might give you a very wrong idea about discharge. it did for me tbh.

if you worry about your discharge and feel uncomfortable about your bf wanting to go down on you, then just relax and tell him you're stressed about it. tell him you would love it (if that's the case ofc) but want to go wash your vulva first to take away the stress. a good bf will understand because he wants you to enjoy it and will find it nice of you that you wanna clean yourself for him
as you can see: communication is key in a relationship
avoid the situation where you don't mention that you're stressed about discharge and end up lying there being completely unrelaxed, not enjoying it fully while ur bf has no clue about this and tries to make you feel nice.
don't pretend to enjoy it while you don't, so tell him about it: worst case scenario: he feels you are not enjoying it but blames it on him instead of you being stressed about your discharge and doesn't end up talking about it

the worst kind of communication isn't an awkward conversation but a situation where you stay silent when you have something to say

he's ur bf, he should know.

ps: don't clean ur vagina (the inside), that's unhealthy. the vagina is able to clean herself! only wash and clean the outside: your vulva!

Anonymous 16001

Tbh just say you want to clean yourself or shower before.

I just tell him "wait", I go to the bathroom and I don't even shower, I just clean down there with water from the sink with my hands. It's fast and it's enough. I wash my hands, my face, and go back.

Anonymous 16002

Personally I don't worry about discharge only the smell especially when it's the evening yk, after the day has passed and you moved around a bit. But I noticed my bf doesn't smell bad down there so my guess is we should not smell so bad either even tho our genetalia is made different and "deep" sort of.

Anonymous 16003

And yeah DONT CLEAN YOUR VAG. DONT CLEAN IT! Let it beeeee. Men barely clean their peepee after peeing. Don't you dare put your health at risk for THAT

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