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how to lower glucose levels Anonymous 15832

any tips? mine are too high

Anonymous 15833

Ask them nicely

Anonymous 15836

I tried asking but it didn't really work I think they hate me

Does 16/8 mean stopping at 16:00 and eating again at 8:00 or something else ?

Anonymous 15837

Also is there a point where eating fruits can be harmful for my glucose levels? I think it also depends on what fruits exactly but that i can handle
I just donr know if i should be careful with fructose as well

Anonymous 15866

Fruits mostly contain fructose, so they don’t spike your glucose as much as other carbs. Look up a hypoglycemic index and avoid foods high in glucose. That means anything with processed sugar added especially.

Anonymous 15867

Just stop eating processed/cane sugar altogether. It means cutting out a lot and making food at home, but it's ez once you get into it!
There are good sweeteners out there and making your own sauces/desserts/etc. can be fun. You'll likely lose weight as a side effect, too.
Make sure to check every label, even fucking ketchup and chicken broth (at least in North America) has added sugar.

You may experience cravings but taste buds can definitely be restrained.

Anonymous 15868

Also, this is sustainable since I've been doing it for 2 years (both for acne and to prevent diabetes which runs in my family heavily). Moreso than keto, which may lead to crashing and giving up.

Anonymous 15870

can someone explain to me why healthy recipe blogs and vegans tell people to use agave syrup or coconut sugar instead of regular sugar? its so expensive. is it really worth the money for health reasons?

Anonymous 15873

Upon a search, there is very little benefit compared to cane sugar."Spikes your blood sugar a little less" isn't worth it kek.
Just use stevia.

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