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piss drying map.pn…

Moid hygiene Anonymous 15878

Do they really??

Anonymous 15879

>source: 4chan/int/
nice meme.


Yeah bullshit data and too vague. Obviously no country is 100 or 0 so they will all be "mixed" and colors should have represented a percentage range, like they always do.
Also I am guessing the retards studied was a tiny sample in some /int/ thread probably filled with trolls, but only that but they represent some of the dirtiest and most unhygenic men.
I'm not saying men aren't disgusting because they are, this data is garbage though.

Anyways I'm no better tbh. Sometimes I wear just a longsleeved shirt to bed and when I get up at night to piss and no TP is near I just wipe on the sleeve and go back to bed.

Anonymous 15980

nah, it's legit

Anonymous 15987

If you're so certain on its validity than refute my points

Anonymous 15990

It's just a bunch of conjecture. I don't know what to tell you, this is just common knowledge.

Anonymous 15993

It says directly on the image that the source was /int/. Which means they polled basement dwelling retards who troll all day. It is absolutely an unreliable sample. If they had large sample then the data wouldn't be presented in the way it is and there would be a percentage range.
Lots of things that are perfectly apparent to those with common sense are "just conjecture".

Anonymous 15994

I don't know what to tell you, it's just a trusted source. It's fine to be skeptical but in this case there's not a lot of reason for it.

Anonymous 16098

wtf? actually never heard of this, gross af

Anonymous 16099

you are gross kys

Anonymous 16101

Sounds like at that point it would be better just to do nothing. Rather than just passively letting some of the piss end up being spread around in small quantities in a few random places that well-adjusted people expect a little bit of piss residue in anyway (the carpet, bed sheets, underwear, the inside of the shirt at the bottom), you're deliberately putting it all on a visible place on the outside of your shirt that has a good chance of ending up in your mouth while you're sleeping. I think it would eventually stain the shirt, too.

Anonymous 16138

If it's a trusted source can you name where exactly does this data come from?

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