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how do get rid of septate hymen Anonymous 15888

I have a septate hymen that I first learned about when I was about 11 and started trying to finger myself and use tampons. Thanks to yahoo answers I knew what a hymen was, so I wasn't concerned about that but I was concerned because I realized I had 2 holes. Over time I managed to stretch it enough to fit a tampon or about 2 fingers inside (though the first few times I used a tampon I panicked quietly because it almost got stuck). I never said anything to anyone because I was embarassed and worried about it.
Well, fast foreward to today and sex with this stupid thing is pretty fucking painful and it won't just break. The opening of my vagina is sore after today, my 2nd time having sex. My BF is pretty well endowed which makes the issue a little bit harder to deal with.
Anyways is there a way I can get rid of it or deal with it without surgery? I'd rather not have a hymenectomy but I don't see any other options, I was just wonderinf how you guys have dealt with it.

Anonymous 15890

how old are you now anon? unironically doctors might suggest you have a baby, beware. I also have doublepussy, in mid-late twenties now its not the same level of an issue as it was my late teens, if that gives you any hope (without surgery), hopefully some other people reply because I'm interested in information on this too, as I said it's the first time Ive ever seen the word for it.
Anecdotally, sex, yoga-like stretching your whole body, legs, etc, a diet with elastin and collagen, just hit it from all angles for a few months before you decide on surgery if thats the route you do need to take in the end.

Anonymous 15891

Can’t you just…cut off the middle part?

Anonymous 16025

I had this issue. Just make sure you use lots of lube and keep trying.

Anonymous 16149


I’m a virgin in my twenties but I genuinely don’t know if I have a hymen or not. I have never stuck anything more than a finger in my pussy hole, so I’m not sure if it’s fully broken or still intact. I have a small thinnish piece of pink skin at the bottom outside of my vagina hole (lol) however it’s not exactly paper thin so I thought it was just part of my vagina. It looks like pic rel but it’s outside my hole, not inside or part of the hole, if that makes sense.

Anonymous 16150

SAME I was never able to tell if I have a hymen. twenties and a virgin as well! spent some time in front of the mirror when i was younger trying to compare myself to the schemas but i coudl never tell. even tried to find porn featuring virgin women with a close up because it was so frustrating to not comprehend my own body… i really just see a hole. i fingered myself to "feel" it and it only made me have more doubts because i wondered if being able to put a finger meant i dont have a hymen. im still not sure. but now that i see the pic you used i guess that the hymen only blocks a big object such as a penis???? i feel so dumb talking like that. what is a hymen for anyway. im stuck

Anonymous 16162

If you really don’t want to have an obgyn remove it for you, you might try dilators first. Dilators and lube may or may not let you puncture the dividing piece. I know it’s not quite the same, but that’s how I ‘solved’ the issue of my microperforate hymen when I was younger.

Anonymous 16168

When girls go through puberty, the additional hormones cause the tissue of the hymen to thin and it tends to wear away and only leave a ring around the edge (similar to picture shown), which can continue to wear down from things such as tampons, masturbation, or sex. The tissue is flexible and stretches when the opening of the vagina does. Most women do not "break" their hymen when they have sex, and blood tends to come from anxious women unconsciously tensing their pelvic muscles and men who don't know what they're doing being too rough.

Lots of women who have never had sex will have no appearance of a hymen due to it wearing down on its own or with help from tampons/masturbation. Lots of women who have had sex have remnants of a hymen with tissue that is flexible enough to stretch during sex.

There is no one size fits all hymen. You might have one, you might not, and it's fine either way.

Anonymous 16169

thanks for the insight!

tbh ive never used a tampon. recently my bf tried to have sex with me and was unsuccessful bc it was too painful for me. i can fit a finger or two tho.

when it hurts and the penis can't enter, is it the hymen blocking then or is it the tightness due to being a virgin? or can it be both? he's also well endowed so… but i remember not really wanting it so im thinking that it might also be because i was not relaxed at all

Anonymous 16174

Virgins are not "tighter" than non-virgins. That is a myth.

Your hymen is unlikely to stop penetration unless it is abnormally thick or covers more of your vaginal entrance than it should. However, if you can fit two fingers inside of yourself, I doubt it is this.

Sounds like you didn't want to have sex, and your body didn't want it to happen, either. I would advise you not have sex unless you want to.

Anonymous 16176

>>Virgins are not "tighter" than non-virgins. That is a myth.
I know I've read this before and I'm not disagreeing but I'm confused about this logic. If that's true how come I can only fit 2 fingers and maybe the tip of a third but sexually active women can fit a whole dick? and even bigger stuff? And I think my hymen is normal, or at the very least I cant feel anything weird about it. Again, not saying it's real or not. Just confused.

Anonymous 16178

I’m also a virgin and anything more than two fingers hurts. I am honestly too scared to use a dildo because they look huge.

Anonymous 16193

> Virgins are not "tighter" than non-virgins. That is a myth.
NAYRT but their hymens (NOT their vaginal canals) definitely can be “tighter”, for lack of a better word, depending on the person. It’s not unusual for young women who aren’t used to inserting stuff in their vag (tampons etc.) to have a very tight hymen that they need to stretch a bit before they can comfortably insert anything.

> Sounds like you didn't want to have sex, and your body didn't want it to happen, either.

This is such a weird and presumptuous thing to say to a person.

You may want to practice insertion on your own with a vibrator or dildo that’s just a little bit larger than what you feel like you can currently insert. A lot of brands make travel size vibrators that are a bit smaller than the standard size.

Anonymous 16194

There are lots of women who need to be stretched out before sex every single time. When you finger yourself, you're probably not attempting to do this. There's no reason for you to try to fit anything bigger than what you need. But if someone is fingering you for foreplay, they're going to want you to be comfortable for penetration.

Lots of women also need lube to assist with sex. You'd be surprised how easily some stuff can get in there once it's slippery!

Did you not read their post?
>i remember not really wanting it

Anonymous 16195

Lol sorry, I misread it as “I remember really wanting it”

Anonymous 16206

>NOT their vaginal canals
Actually vaginal canals can be tighter and loser especially in virgins, not because of the typical moid logic though.

When you aren't used to inserting things or are uncomfortable your vaginal canal contracts and tightens. This is common in women who haven't had sex.
What controls "tightness" is your pelvic muscles, which can be weaker or stronger depending on a number of factors, age, posture, etc. They tend to become weaker as you get older and are stronger in your youth.

Both of these are the main things that make moids associate vaginal tightness with virgins/less sexual partners comes from, even though the notion that a penis could actually "loosen" a vagina is laughable.

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