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Anonymous 15897

I fart so much and i want it to stop. I mainly eat rice, seafood, vegetables and carbs. What is so wrong with my diet? I eat meat too.

Anonymous 15898

Could you be lactose intolerant and not know it?

Anonymous 15899

impossible, i love milk so much i could drink it all day

Anonymous 15900

You can love the taste of milk and be lactose intolerant.

t. likes the taste of milk and is lactose intolerant

Anonymous 15901

but wouldn't that make milk painful to drink? if i don't feel pain I don't think im lactose intolerant

Anonymous 15902

nta but try cutting out milk for a week or two and see if your symptoms lessen.

Anonymous 15903

Lactose intolerance generally results in diarrhea, nausea, or gas. It doesn't mean you dislike milk or that it burns your throat or whatever lmao.
Most people don't experience anything while they consume it, just when it is digesting.

Anonymous 15904

I think you're a bit confused. Lactose intolerant =/= allergic to milk. It's not like a peanut allergy, where you'll swell up or get a rash. That's not lactose intolerance. Lactose intolerance means you can taste milk fine, you can drink it just fine, but when your body attempts to digest the lactose it simply lacks the tools. The sugar will get broken down in such a manner that produces a lot of gas and lower digestive distress. You won't die, it won't kill you, you aren't allergic, you'll just a fart a lot and maybe have other bowel issues depending on how severe your intolerance is.

The only other thing I'm aware of that causes massive farting is a sudden change in diet that involves massive amounts of fiber.

Anonymous 15905

Completely off topic, but for future reference, there is such a thing as allergy to milk, and it does act the way you think it does. If you were allergic to milk (not lactose intolerant, allergic) you'd be in a hospital bed at some point.

Anonymous 15906

Okay that is interesting. I always just thought I wasn't lactose intolerant because of how much I love milk lol. Thank you for explaining, i'll try to cut off milk from my diet and see if it improves my farting situation.

Anonymous 15910

try cutting out these things once at a time.

for exemple first week, stop eating rice and see what happens.
2d week, eat rice again if nothing happened and stop eating seafood instead.

Anonymous 15911

OK will try. Thanks!

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