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Antidepressants Anonymous 15942

What are your experiences with ssris?

I'm tired of having no interest in anything except for hating myself. I want friends and hobbies and to date.

Which ssirs don't cause weight gain or loss of libido?

Anonymous 15957

i hated ssris but i also probably have some other mental illness that isn't depression (cptsd or bpd probably). they made me feel no emotions at all and i felt so empty all the time.

it increased my libido but for a few months i couldn't orgasm. i don't think i gained weight though. this was sertraline. i also tried citalopram which i completely hated and stopped after 10 days.

i would say try one and if you don't like it see if you can try an snri or an atypical one like mirtazipine. i don't think trying 6 different ssris makes much difference and doesn't help really

Anonymous 15959

In the long term it didn't help me.
It only deepened my depression.
What actually helped was going to gym 4 times a week but It was terrible for first 3 months. Also it was easier for me because I had a close friend who was pushing me to get out of bed and be more active.

Anonymous 15973

Does sertraline hurt your throat? I had to stop taking it when I was a kid cuz it burned my esophagus so much

Anonymous 16047

I was given celexa (citalopram) and it didn't really help, just felt like suppression of emotion, made it hard to feel anything. Not awful but it sort of blanketed everything and made me more apathetic, which left me a little less sad but still very unmotivated to do anything. Took it for a few weeks then stopped, it was just making everything more tiring.

I took a geodon my friend had (a legit antipsychotic), that stuff was way stronger and sort of knocked me out, like I was walking dead, went to sleep and when I woke up had a legitimate moment of sleep paralysis. Which is scary as fuck, I woke up, tried to move my body and just couldn't, then I started to panic and thankfully that jolted me out of it. Like I had to panic deeper into my nervous system to really wake up. I'm blown away doctors gave her this stuff when she was a kid, she did have some issues (rough, kinda broken family) but that stuff was borderline chemical lobotomy.

Honestly I found my depression is as much motivational issues as anything else.. I've taken some Adderall before and that stuff works. Been strongly considering trying to get a script for it. It did allay my depression some. Maybe give stimulants a try.

Anonymous 16053

They’re life changing. I have anxiety and general paranoia and depression and escitalopram calmed me down. I wish i took it way earlier in life because my depression is basically because my life has gone to shit and it’s not a delusion a little pill can fix, it would have helped the moment i spiralled and fucked up my life. Again, the anxiety is gone though for sure

Anonymous 16054

Best thing I've ever taken. I'm using Fluvoxamine and Buspar for my OCD and it's made it so much better. I'm still depressed though but it's better than having intrusive thoughts every second.

Anonymous 16055

Does anyone else experience bizarre dreams on them? I think i almost lucid dreams last night and my anti depressants caused this but i’m not sure. I take melatonin to cope with the insomnia so i’m not sure what’s causing it.

Anonymous 16068

Awful. I took them for years, and there was not a single positive or redeeming effect, actually quite the opposite. I tried a few different ones and it was always the same. Like another poster said, they can cause sleep paralysis. I regularly had horrifying night terrors that made me afraid to sleep. Even waking hallucinations on occasion. They made my personality go all weird at random times. And I frequently experienced derealization. All that eventually went away after getting off them. The months of withdrawl getting off them felt like I was dying. Drugs like this will not magically make you happy and get you friends. I genuinely believe people are just being scammed into developing an unhealthy addiction with this garbage, likely so that some people can make money. What really helped me was learning and practicing some self discipline. Focus on a hobby (and get one if you don't have one), cut out any negative people or influence in your life, when your thoughts start to drift to negativity for too long, rather than dwell on it immediately do something else. Also really helps to get regular sleep, take regular walks and exercise, and drink water regularly (and occasionally something caffeinated too if you tend to be very low energy). Also there is a chance some of your bad feelings could be a symptom of a physical health problem so it doesn't hurt to see a real doctor and get a thorough examination. I realize a lot of people will disagree with me but this is what I believe. Your issues can be resolved if you force yourself to do some things differently with your life. And if my suggestions aren't enough, there's plenty more safe and helpful advice to read online.

Anonymous 16070

It depends on the person, Zoloft really helped me a lot. I felt really frustrated and confused all the time, everything felt wrong and I wanted to kill myself rather than feel that way, it was at the point where I was planning to do it as soon as I tied up some loose ends in my life. But I feel much better now. This is paired with therapy and adderall but I didn't start the adderall until later and the zoloft definitely helped a lot. It did make me gain weight but I'm getting an exercise bike.

Yes, but only if I forget to take it for a day. Yesterday actually I forgot to take it and last night I had a really odd and vivid dream. Usually it's a nightmare but this was just kinda strange.

Anonymous 16147

Or maybe, just maybe, everyone’s bodies are different and what works for some people gives bad side effects to others? I know many people whose lives were saved by SSRIs. Likewise I know people who had terrible side effects. It’s stupid to dismiss the benefits of a medication and claim it’s prescribed as part of a global conspiracy just because it didn’t personally work for you.

Anonymous 16269

you should look into wellbutrin

Anonymous 16270

This. How people react to them is so individual.

I've taken escitalopram, citalopram, sertraline, and paroxetine, and none of them were helpful for me. I got bad side effects from all of them and never felt any better.

Then I switched to SNRIs, first duloxetine which was okay but made me sleep wayyy too much, and then venlafaxine which is great, although I still sleep a bit more than is ideal. But I'd rather have 12-13 good hours a day and need to sleep an extra 2-3 than have zero good hours a day.

Anonymous 16273


I've taken several for my depression and social anxiety, before.

I've taken Zoloft which only made me dizzy a few days and then did nothing. (Though to be fair I stopped using it after like a month and didn't know antidepressants take longer to start having effect, back then)

I last took Paxil and that helped me with my social anxiety alot, but eventually started turning me into a Zombie (My whole family kept commenting how slow I'm being at doing everything) and killed my libido. After a few months, I started forgetting to take it all the time so I started taking it very inconsistently and became very suicidal (First time I actually attempted suicide twice). Not sure if the very inconsistent taking may have been a reason.

Not an SSRI, but before Paxil and after Zoloft I had also taken Wellbutrin. It seem to help with my depression alot but was nightmare fuel for my anxiety. I felt like I was having out of body experiences everywhere in public. I'd be shopping in the store or just sitting in class and I thought I would have a complete meltdown - completely disarrayed, frantic thoughts, heart-racing, shaking, etc. I've had pretty bad social anxiety most of my life but it got worse on a whole new level while on Wellbutrin. Unlike Paxil, it made my libido crazy and I had very powerful orgasms (Can't complain about that though, since I usually have trouble even achieving any. heh)

>Which ssirs don't cause weight gain or loss of libido?

Wellbutrin could cause weight-gain, actually. I was eating alot on it - Probably more than I ever have before. Not really a negative effect for me, since I've always been very underweight and so would have welcomed some weight gain but that was just my experience. If you have anxiety though, again - very bad idea. I do not recommend because it will make it 10x worse. It made my train of thought feel like it was on a very bad acid trip.

Needless to say, I don't like taking antidepressants anymore and haven't since. All the crazy side effects they give me make me feel like a labrat. Even Zoloft that didn't do anything while I was taking it, I suspect gave me some kind of lasting brain damage because after I stopped taking it and shortly entered high school, I spent my entire first year 100%, absolutely convinced I was retarded. Something just didn't feel right in my brain and it still doesn't. I was never like that before taking it. I feel like anti-depressants have only made me brain-damaged and/or more mentally-ill in the long run.

I also don't like the idea of having to be dependent on an antidepressant to be able to function socially. When I was prescribed them, it felt like it was just kinda assumed I'd be taking them..forever (Assuming they worked). You apparently can't even quit them cold turkey and have to gradually, by reducing the dosage. My mother didn't even give me that option and forced me to just quit them all cold turkey anyway, even after the doctors we went to would tell her otherwise. I wonder if quitting them suddenly may be a reason I still don't feel "normal" after taking them, even today. Not even being able to quit them when you want makes them feel even more imprisoning, in a way.

I'd rather do something like exposure therapy. I've done my own through putting myself in situations that have forced me to have more human interaction, like through some jobs I've held, and I still think I've made more progress than any antidepressants. Any positive effects from antidepressants usually wore right off after stopping them, anyway and I would go back to being just as socially anxious as I was before starting them.

Anonymous 16274

escitalopram also helped soothe my anxiety, I used to almost have panic attacks in the morning before work at a busy restaurant. that's gone away since I started taking it. still feel unmotivated as ever though

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