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Anonymous 15969

I want to lighten my skin for cosmetic reasons. Any advice?

Anonymous 15970


White skin is so last century. All the cool kids are turning blue.

Anonymous 15972


Lemon temporarily bleaches the skin. It starts to lighten after a week of application. Idk if its very practical to use on your entire body but it helps bleach dark spots and scars away.

I don't recommend anything permanent or you'll end up like picrel.

How dark are you? If you are black I strongly advise against trying to bleach your skin. Maybe if you're just tan it could work out, but darker people trying to bleach their skin just looks really uncanny.

Anonymous 15977

>How dark are you?
I'm already a pale slav but I want to go to the next level!

Anonymous 15979


Anonymous 15981

If you're already naturallypale, just avoid sunlight like the plague and wear untinted mineral suncreen maybe? It leaves a bit of a white sheen and can also reduce sun tanning at the same time. You can also try wearing makeup that's a bit lighter or try the white makeup that goths use if that's the look you're going for.

Anonymous 15984


Try kojic acid soap

Anonymous 15985

Snow filters

Anonymous 15996

I heard Asian products tend to have mercury in them, are these 100% safe?

Anonymous 16000

counterfeit stuff does, but legit brands don't. this product is fine but I don't recommend buying it off amazon considering all the fake stuff on there.

Anonymous 16115


He had severe vitiligo, confirmed by his autopsy report and visible in certain photographs. Lots of people still believe the tabloids that say otherwise, though.
I don't think any product that can make you go from black to white like he did exist, there are just products that remove and prevent suntan to make you a bit lighter. Kojic Acid is one of them.
Lemon works too BUT it causes photosensitivity and sunburns, so avoid using it if you're already sensitive to the sun and make sure you only use at night, either way.

Anonymous 16145

I have a feeling his vitiligo was caused by using lightening products in the first place tho. Stuff like hydroquinone can really mess up your melanin and often causes rebound pigmentation.

Anonymous 16154

He had vitiligo but also used skin bleaching and makeup to even out his complexion.

Anonymous 16289

tretinoin will lighten your complexion only by one or two shades.

you can use hydroquinone pretty safely in cycles, its the best thing for skin pigmentation but its illegal or prescription only in most places.

Do not combine tretinoin with hydroquinone. make sure to moisturize regularly. please use sunscreen, prevention is easier and safer than correction

Anonymous 16304

Don’t use hydroquinone. It often results in hyperpigmentation and ochronosis.

Anonymous 16305

Does glutathione work? I know it's probably not safe getting an IV injection because there always is infection risk and they probably dose too high but what about oral or topical? Does it work?

Anonymous 16315

Glutathione is poorly absorbed by the body orally. You have to get an IV of it to really see results.

Anonymous 16318

Then shouldn't N acetylcystine or alpha lipoic acid absorb better as they are precursors to glutathione?

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