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Too small Anonymous 16014

My whole life I wanted to be tall you might even say big(but not fat).
I felt pretty tall in high school where boys were short and I was slightly above average girl.

But now I feel short all the time.
It's horrible, I always hoped I will have a next growth phase but it never came.

I am not even really short(170), but I wanted to be much taller(at least 180).

I can't even take growth hormone now because it won't do anything. I am so sad, I thought it will pass, but it never did. As time passed by I was feeling worse and worse that my dream will never come true.

I want to revert time and hop on growth hormones, but even when I was kid I started realising what they are when I already stopped growing and it was too late. Boys have it easier because they have much longer to take it.

I am sad, and I don't know what to do with myself, it haunts me all the time.

Anonymous 16016

>going on hormones to grow taller
Good god the internet has truly rotten the brains of zoomers. Hormones aren't an innocent quick fix for your cosmetic insecurities but you're lusting after it like it's candy. Brainwashed, truly brainwashed.

You're not even short in like, most of the world either. Also trust me, while being tall is/looks really cool, it comes with it's own set of troubles. I'm from a country that's typically quoted as (one of) the tallest countries on earth but my 1,82m and 1,85m female friends stand the fuck out, constantly get asked "omggg how tall are you????" wherever they go and have trouble finding clothes that fit even in "tall" collections. You just want the idea of tall but I doubt you actually want to deal with the consequences of being tall, they're not that comfortable.

Anonymous 16021

The only person I know that was put on HGH (a moid) had serious issues and committed suicide at 22. He was on other stuff as well and probably had some stuff to begin with, but I can't help but think it was a factor.

Anonymous 16031

>the internet
what ? might just be an asian thing but i knew families that were friends with my parents who had their children take hormones for taller(?)/faster growth since before the internet went mainstream. i think this has little to do with zoomers or whatever, but again it might have just been an asian thing.

Anonymous 16038

That's crazy and borderline child abuse imo. Are there medical grounds for that or is it purely for looks?

Anonymous 16042

I'm American and my boomer uncle was pit on growth hormones as a kid because he was short.

Anonymous 16148

Did it work for him?

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