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Anonymous 16108

Do any of you suffer from PMDD? (It’s the sever form of PMS)
How bad are your symptoms and is there anything you do to help with anxiety and panic attacks?

Anonymous 16109

Every bi girl is mentally ill though

Anonymous 16110

First of all, track your menstrual cycle and the different symptoms you experience through each one. This can be physical or emotional. It impacts everything. The whole body gears towards whatever its reproductive goal is, so nothing is exactly left untouched. The "period" is only the end of the sentence so to say. Take note of any irregular patterns, like having too frequent or infrequent periods, notice if certain events or habits trigger a late period or other phase. No phase is a compartmentalized thing.

Anyway, I have always had a long menstrual cycle (around 45 days rather than about a month) with a shorter period (3-4 days) and recently the last two years developed ovarian cysts (PCOS is just a cluster of symptoms related to a hormonal imbalance likely related to adrenal fatigue, chronic inflammation, and or thyroid issues).

Through the luteal phase, specifically into the PMS week I find myself hopelessly insecure, more prone to depression/irritability/confusion, wanting reassurance and safety, feeling more reserved, trouble with concentration, less pleasure in daily activites like eating and other "fun stuff", trouble concentrating, feeling more victimized and sensitive. It cycles between jittery anxiety/panicky, being socially off/irritable, and being really down/depressed, until it all slows down and the tears wash it all away and the period comes. My woo woo way of looking at it is with my history of trauma and stress, plus current stressors, my feminine cycles are there to identify, digest, and purge all of that pain in the week or so leading up to the shedding of the old.

I've learned to write down specific triggers and signs of these experiences so I can better point to them the next time and remind myself that feelings are felt, not necessarily real. More sitting and just having a steady breath. Calming herbal teas. More solo outings to familiar calm places. Watching funny things and letting myself vent in a journal. Letting myself scream and cry and hit the pillow. I don't just say these feelings are stupid or pathological nor do I let them dictate my life/relationships. I keep to myself and let out the worst of it away from people with my own internal validation/reminders there to guide me. I remind myself of my accomplishments and good qualities even if they are small.

Anonymous 16111

24-48 hours before my period I become intensely suicidal but the moment my period starts all the thoughts go away. Some months I just sit and beg my body to start my period already so the thoughts will end. Also I develop intense hunger or specific food cravings that take over my mind until I satisfy them.

Anonymous 16112

God I read this post a couple of days ago and today and yesterday I was all irritable and exhausted, ate some snacks I shouldn't have, and today collapsed crying for a while. It's like every month I forget I have this shit.
The most important thing, for me, is to tell myself again and again that it's hormonal, it will pass, these emotions have no ground, it's temporary, I will be happy one day though it seems impossible.
I try to go easy on myself but it's hard with work and studying. Haven't figured out a solution yet. I read a research about calcium supplement, maybe I'll try it next month.

Best of luck to you. Please stay safe, it will pass

Anonymous 16113


5-htp has been a godsend. I just take it as needed when I feel like my soul is dying and it's just the luteal phase of my cycle

Anonymous 16280

>be bisexual and mentally ill
>look like a masculine incel looking autist and not a blonde feminine woman like the op pic

Is this what being validated feels like?

Anonymous 16357

I never had mood symptoms but I had such severe insomnia (think 0-2 hours every night in the week before my period). It made me drop out of grad school before re-enrolling at a less prestigious one. Birth control was the only thing that fixed it. I fucking love birth control.

Anonymous 16596

yes. I feel possessed during my pmdd phase, like an entirely different being until it starts, usually lasts 3-5 days.

ive recently learned that caffeine is a MAJOR trigger. please stay away the week before your period

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