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Nail thread Anonymous 16201

What's your preference for nail related things? Do you like them short, or long? Or bare, painted, or some kind of nail art? Me, I generally grow them out by around 3~4 mm. Also, nail care advice/tips are welcome.

Anonymous 16203

I love nail polish so fucking much. I love looking at it, I love buying it, and I love taking the time out of my week to do my nails.

I tend to keep my nails a bit shorter in summer because I go swimming a lot, and the water absorption makes them more likely to break. They're about 2mm grown out currently. In winter, I grow them out to 7-10mm. I usually keep them in a squoval shape.

I like to do fairly simple nail art. Some polkadots, an accent nail, stripes or glitter or something cute!

And one thing that a lot of people don't know is that wearing nail polish actually helps to grow out your nails! It helps to seal in moisture and also gives an additional layer of protection just in the polish itself, so it can allow nails to be more flexible and bend rather than break.

Anonymous 16205

I grow out my natural nails, I always keep them painted and I love doing nail art, it’s therapeutic to me. I’ve been able to grow my natural nails long since I was a kid, so maybe it’s genetic, but I do still have to look after them if I want to maintain a longer length.

My nail art hobby started with watching cutepolish on YouTube back in 2010 & I just never stopped. Does anyone remember the popular trend of transferring newspaper ink to their nails back from this era? Is that too obscure? I feel like that’s what started it all for me. I’ll have to try it again someday, even though it’s kinda hideous lol.

Anonymous 16208

I want acrylics but I'm broke.
My nails tend to break a lot.

Anonymous 16209

I spent all of the early 00s on nail blogspots trying out these ridiculous, hideous trends. I can't believe I bought like 20 crackle polishes when they came out.

Anonymous 16216


I used to do the newspaper transfer a lot. If you have access to a printer, you can always print images yourself and do the alcohol transfer! If you do text, be sure you flip it backwards if you want to read it. I used to love reading the daily nail blog, and was my inspiration to get into nail polish. I unironically loved the Shrek collection and have a couple of them.

Anonymous 16217

I really like long natural nails with a clear coat. However I’ve found most people naturally have yellowish nails which is kind of gross.

Anonymous 16236

I keep them obsessively short, to the point I actually end up cutting into my cuticles sometimes and/or cause them to bleed. I find it more hygienic and don't feel a need to keep them long, since I don't paint them.

Anonymous 16239

sally hansen hardening polish is a gamechanger for anyone with flimsy nails after years of biting

Anonymous 16240


really? mine peel so bad and every strengthener has been shit. i'll have to try that, thanks for the rec!

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