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Losing weight while mantaining your body type? Anonymous 16244

No idea if this is how it works, but I have been thinking on losing weight (I'm 84kg, goal would be ~60kg. I'm 170cm so I think that would be good) to put less stress on my knees/ankles and to be able to shop clothes more easily.
The problem is that I really like my body shape since I'm very curvy, and I'm kind of scared I will lose a good chunk of it if I lose weight; the women I know who measure more or less that height+weight barely have anything going on.
I have been overweight since I was little, so I don't know how my body looks like without all the extra fat. Are there exercises that would help me lose weight while still having the size of my chest/butt mostly intact?
I know I should prioritize my health over my weight, but I don't want to lose one of the few things I like about myself.

Anonymous 16245

*my health over my looks
(wording mistake)

Anonymous 16246

It's not possible to only lose weight in specific parts of your body. As long as you're not doing heavy ab workouts every day, you won't become a fridge. Especially if your curviness is due to your bone structure.

Anonymous 16251

Weight loss is usually proportional and comes off everywhere in equal measure, you cannot target a certain specific area unless you get lipo.

Anonymous 16252

For lower body at least, lifting weights can help retain your butt and legs. Hips are genetic and depend on your skeleton but larger thighs can give the illusion of hips.

But chances are if you are a pear or hourglass you will roughly maintain similar proportions so long as you retain a healthy amount of body fat (ie. Not full skellymode). My whr stayed around the same during my weight loss because this is just how my fat distributes itself.
You will likely lose your breasts at least a bit. I was always small but am basically flat now (I love this and would be flatter if I could, but understand this is not what you want).

But overall it's impossible to retain fat everywhere except your waist without it being lipo. You WILL shrink everywhere.

Anonymous 16504

You won't lose your curves. They will likely shrink with you.

Anonymous 16520

how is it going?

Anonymous 16557

On top of what everyone else said, you could also just lose less weight. The weight you picked is only a bmi of 20, you could weigh more and still be healthy, especially if you're exercising.

Anonymous 16570

Thanks for your opinions, forgot to reply to this thread sorry!

I'm taking my time since changing your habits/losing too much weigh abruptly can be bad for your health, so I mostly spent last month slowly changing my diet (mostly removing food excess from my plates and replacing some meals with healthier ones).
And then last week I started to move around, right now I walk for 40 minutes daily (and going thu all the slope streets and stairs I find) and do some squats when I return home. When I get used to this I will start doing actual excersice, probably in a month too.

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