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Anonymous 16264

Any nonas with ptosis here? I really dislike my uneven eyes so I'm considering ways of hiding them. I'm not very good with make up and can do only basic tricks to make them appear more even like putting dark eyeshadow on the bigger eye and light eyeshadow on the smaller one. I'm considering doing something like always wearing sunglasses which can be pretty weird when it's not sunny or even an eye patch which would also look pretty unusual with my usually plain outfits. Any nonas had similar problems?

Anonymous 16268

u should just learn to embrace it

Anonymous 16275


Just Paris Hiltonmaxx

Anonymous 16276

You could grow longer sideswept bangs over one eye

Anonymous 16277

My best friend had this back in middle school. I noticed it once or twice, then I forgot about it.

Anonymous 16300

That seems like the best way but it's pretty hard when it often feels like my lazy eye messes up my whole face
Thanks for the advice! I'm not sure how can I Paris Hiltonmaxx but maybe the way she seems confident despite her lazy eye could be inspirational!
True, thanks for the advice!

Anonymous 16306

Did you always have this? I thought I heard sometimes it can be treated by covering the "good eye" forcing the other eye to be more open over time.

Anonymous 16308

I think so,iirc my eyes are uneven on my childhood pics as well. I wonder if it works. Though my bigger eye has visible sclera under the iris which is also not supposed to be this way I think. So I wonder which one of my eyes is actually good.

Anonymous 16309

In theory it could work so long as your cranial nerve for your eye is fine. If you are unable to whistle, a crooked smile, and notice one side of your tongue you taste better than the other it may be something wrong with it such as compression or demyelenation.

Anonymous 16367

Interesting, thank you for sharing! Seems like one of my eyes is just more hooded, I wonder if this advice or some other one could help with this.

Anonymous 16368

If it's just hooded not weak another possible option is eye tape to mask it. The stuff youd find from Asian beauty products to give Asian women an eyelid fold they otherwise wouldn't have. I never used it so I dont know how comftorable or not it is but worth looking into it bothers you how your eyelids look.

Anonymous 16381

is this even a medical thing? doesn't everyone with big/feminine eyes have this?

Anonymous 16382

oh wait sorry I'm retarded - is this something that happens to only one eye? yeah I've got this and my parents used to make me wear an eyepatch for years. It didn't change anything.

I think you can fix it with surgery though.

Anonymous 16391

Hm, yeah, it could possibly help! Thank you, nona!
True, but surgery is kinda expensive

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