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Anonymous 16307

>no tretinoin thread
let's have a tretinoin thread

Do you use tretinoin cream or gel in your skincare routine?

Anonymous 16310

Does it ever expire? I think there is some old bottle somewhere around my house that got misplaced and is years old.

Anonymous 16314

Oh i should have tried looking for info harder. Thank you though.

Anonymous 16325

Ah true. I know there was some study that showed drugs last a long time way more than the FDA says but those were all on oral meds I think not topical.

Anonymous 16404


>ywn be a 6ft tall volleyball Stacy
Wow thanks for reminding me OP

Anonymous 16507

I'm not sure at what point to start tret. I've been on adapelene for ~2 months and things have only been getting worse. Not sure when the purging should end or if this is even purging. I keep telling myself to give it another month and see how it goes.
Any other anons have experience with this? How did it go for you?


Are you using adapelene for acne? if so give another month before trying tret cream, don't try tret orally till u try spironolactone.

Anonymous 16534

reported retarded coomer OP

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