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scene girl hair Anonymous 16328

healing my inner child, would love 2 have myself scene hair - I was never allowed to do any of that stuff as I grew up a little strict. Does anyone know how I'd be able to do it?

I was thinking going to a hairdresser that does those type of hairstyles but there is barely any where I live. Plus, there are few tutorials on it. Only thing worrying me is that I might cut my hair too wonky, I was told back-comb & strongest hairspray.
Any genuine tips to help achieve the hair style? (I want it spiky and puffy btw)

Anonymous 16329

post current hair

Anonymous 16330

there's so many authentic scene hair tutorials from back in the day left up on youtube, even how to cut it. I'm sure you can figure it out.

Anonymous 16331

oh by the way, a lot of them use extensions for the long parts

Anonymous 16342

The cut in the OP is called an Asian mullet done with a feather razor..whatever that is. Then backcombed for volume which can potentially damage hair shafts.

Anonymous 16360

Get your hair cut and layered/feathered until it’s just below shoulder length with choppy bangs and looks like a Christmas tree, straighten that shit until it’s poker straight and then backcomb and spray it with a shit ton of hairspray, then clip in some long weft extensions underneath.

t. Used to have this hairstyle in 2006

Anonymous 16911

Do it anon
I did it and it was so reliving and now I can finally live my little emo dreams

The worst thing that can happen is you fuck up your hair but unless you're balding/prone to losing hair you'll be fine because hair always grows back but in case you're extremely nervous about fucking up, buy a back up plan, aka a wig that you can wear for daily use (but i doubt you'll mess up that bad)

I'm not any sort of hair professional so take what I say with a grain of salt/caution. Everything I learned is via reference images and YouTube videos (which can be very useful)
How I start off is I style the way I want my hair to look, push bangs to the side I want it to face, put the side hairs on my cheek, just a general/basic shape and then I straighten it till it is flat.

My hair generally has alot of volume to it so I prefer to trim alot of that off to lessen the poofyiness of the style and make it more sharp/edgier.

If you have bangs the recommended height imo is a little below your eyebrows is how I do it personally because I like my hair in my face.

If you don't have bangs I would cut them into your hair. Makes it easier to style the hair style but I know some don't like them, that's just the way I personally do my hair.

I grab a razor (a leg razor because I'm poor) and just start going bit by bit trimming off hairs making it more layered and use a pair of normal hair scissors to clean up anything that needs clean up.

Getting that really big poofy hair for the back is simply just teasing and hairspray. Would include extensions for your hair to give it that look and of course straighten it.

Kind of a shitty explanation but again, watch youtube videos, it's worth!! Remember, the point of the hair style is for it to look choppy.

Anonymous 16912

Wedding haircuts for a big long hooked nose?
My fiancé wants me to get bangs and leave it down.
I want to have an elegant updo with real flowers in my hair. I am open to bangs because my forehead is freakishly small and covering it makes my wide chin look dainty.
My veil of choice is a blusher veil (covers your face) which may crush the flowers if I wear it in a crown or headband.

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