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Advice for a Makeup Newbie? Anonymous 16349

I just started getting into makeup but I'm having so much trouble. Especially eyeliner, I've tried watching youtube videos but the ones I've watched don't really help. I have kinda shaky hands and I'm not sure the eyeliner I'm doing fits my eye shape.

Any makeup tips/ video recommendations for a newbie?

Anonymous 16351

Watch tutorials with people who look like you, if you have hooded eyes then eyeliner from someone with almond eyes wouldnt fit you. Also tik tok is a good place to find makeup tutorials.

Anonymous 16352

Mabye it's because you have a different face so standard makeup doesn't work? If you feel good about your makeup you should do what you want ^__^

Anonymous 16353

Have you tried resting your elbow on your torso side to stabilize your hand a little?

Anonymous 16354

Ya but most of the time my hands r still shaky :( i guess i have to have more practice?

Anonymous 16356

Resting my pinky finger on my face and looking down into a mirror was what helped me. Other than that it's important to use a good and fresh eyeliner. If the consistency is too thick it will make the process harder.
And practice is important too. You will get better at it over time.

Also what >>16351 said.

Anonymous 16392

I wonder if there are tutorials from people with very prominent facial asymmetry

Anonymous 16508

i never had success with liquid eyeliner so i use a very fine slanted brush and use eyeshadow instead to line my eyes

Anonymous 16512

Practice. Btw eyeliner pens are easier to use than liquid/gel eyeliners, they just dry out faster.

Anonymous 16515


When I try putting on foundation, concelear, power and blush I end up looking like picrel. I'm also a makeup noob and wondering how to get better technique.

Anonymous 16519

I am in no way an expert, but make sure the colors you use are not too light! I also personally only use foundation on areas I really need to, like my dark circles and the occasional pimple/etc and blend it out really well, finish with powder all over

Anonymous 16522

Are you sure you need both foundation and concealer? Try to switch it up and use either one or the other. For concealer, just use a few sparing dots on imperfections. I usually just go with two dots on either side of my nostrils, a few dots around my mouth and chin, and a few on my forehead to cover up a spot or two. It helps to use a concealer marketed as moisturizing IME so it is less likely to settle into fine lines or dry skin. Then I would blend with a wet face sponge. If you want the foundation, use the foundation sparingly as well. One pump or a half pump on the back of your hand and take a finger to the foundation and then dot, dot, dot around your face, focusing on the imperfections. Then blend with wet face sponge.
The powder might be giving you problems with cake face. You might be using too much. I don't know your skin type but I'm not very oily so I usually just use powder around my nostrils, under my lip, and on my forehead as those are the oiliest areas on my face.
The blush might be too strong or maybe in the wrong place. I used to put blush right on the apple of my cheeks, but it always looked a bit strange to me. I started putting the blush higher up, on my cheekbones instead, and use angled upward sweeping motions with the brush, you might find that placing the blush higher will be less awkward. When I do that it seriously "lifts" my face. It's my favorite way to apply blush now.
The key to good makeup is to use a light hand and get good at blending. You probably do not need as much product as you may be using. Also, try cream blush! IME, it is less finicky than powder and it's much, much easier to make natural.

Anonymous 16538


Anonymous 16539


I struggled to apply eyeliner cleanly for months. I would always leave a skin gap between the liner and lash .-. I would just practice at home until you’re happy with the pen results, but if you’re going out get a tiny makeup brush (like a quarter inch, skinny angled one) and use a dark eyeshadow on your lash line. Choose from picrel for your eye shape.

Anonymous 16563

Downturned eyes look really cute, remind me of Marilyn Monroe

Anonymous 16572

I really like watching vogue makeup videos since most of them use their fingers and aren't skilled makeup artists.
Jeanne Damas's video is my favourite.

Anonymous 16576

Using fingers doesn't mean you don't know what you're doing. The heat of your hands can help products melt and blend better.

Mary Greenwell does this she is one of the best and most respected MUAs there is.

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