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Help me with a project Anonymous 16441

So I hate the 1-10 rating scale for female beauty and I'm guessing a lot of you ladies do too. Main reasons being: a) ratings vary too widely across sex, region, and individual taste, and b) everyone self-rates wrong (most common self-rating among women is 7, I believe). I've been speculating about transforming this rating scale to be based on level of pretty privilege / ugly shaming rather than physical characteristics. Therefore, please list the numbers from 1-10 and indicate what kind of privilege or rejection each one would get a gal (you don't have to do all the numbers, even just one is fine). Here is an example, not necessarily my opinion:

3 - minimum fuckable score, not dateable except for 32yo incels
5 - minimum dateable score
7 - can turn heads, but wouldn't qualify as a model or influencer
8 - minimum score to be offered freebies

Would it be better to abolish the scale altogether? Maybe. But this thread is for those of us who not-so-secretly love to be rated. And I just think it would be way more objective and helpful with a social basis rather than a physical one.

Anonymous 16445

Undateable. Must have some severe facial flaws or disability.
Perfect, highly symmetrical. Has been scouted at least once.
A perfect ten is a 9/10 with a great personality and a great body. Someone who has that special something like Kate Moss.

Anonymous 16447

Please stop using numbers to refer to people, it’s fucking dehumanizing and scroteish.

Anonymous 16455


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