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Got Pick-Pocketed, need Makeup recs Anonymous 16547

I'd slimmed down my makeup use to what can fit in a little back pocketbook I used in middle school. Been loving how convenient it is to keep all my makeup in one place that I can just tote everywhere without worrying about it.

But then my bookbag got pick-pocketed and the consequences of keeping all my makeup in one place have shown themselves.

I Need makeup recs. I like things that are versatile (for example, this cocokind glow stick that they discontinued -_- that I could use as a bronzer, lip contour, and eyeshadow, etc), buildable, dewy, and products where a little goes a long way (compact would also be awesome cause I'm gonna get a new makeup bag of a similar small size)

Thank Ya,!

Anonymous 16548

I recommend you stop wearing makeup

Anonymous 16549


Anonymous 16550


Anonymous 16551


Anonymous 16552


Anonymous 16553


Anonymous 16554

In general elf/nyx have a lot of little smudge highlighter or eye shadow type sticks that might be somewhat like what you're looking for

I prefer Nyx > elf tho. My old roomie and I used to steal every brand we could from the drugstores just to test and I never felt elf was that great, but I don't think the selection was the best here then (this was maybe 7 years ago now). I liked a lot of Maybellines stuff too in general.

Every single thing Revlon has ever made turned out crap for me. Milan or whatever it's called too. I don't really remember any other specific brands that stood out as a whole to me. I was very into highlighters and dewy looks and back then and >>16550
Was by far my fav type (pick your shade of preference), very minimal amount needed for good effect.

Says it's a pore minimizer but if anything I felt it just made by skin look smooth in a "dewy" way (apply sparingly). Nice feel too.

Good luck

Anonymous 16560

When I saw the title with that pic, I thought this was going to be a thread about disguising yourself to get revenge on the thief.

Anonymous 16574

retaliate by shoplifting makeup lol, full cycle

Anonymous 16577


Here’s my recs. Some are expensive, but you could always try them on in store and buy on eBay at a discount. I’ve just had really poor results with drugstore brands.

1. Bare Minerals tinted moisturizer ($22 for mini). It’s quite dewy and sheer compared to other TMs like Laura Mercier and Lancôme. Good buildable option and the mini comes in tons of colors. While I would never stop wearing makeup, I do think it’s worth ditching foundation ;)

2. KVD mini tattoo eyeliner. My favorite for precision. Not waterproof though.

3. Charlotte Tilbury luxury eye palette. Is it overpriced? Yes. Have I been wearing it multiple days a week for a year now? Yes. I often use the darkest color as eyeliner and the second lightest in my crease for a natural smoky look. Lots of colors to choose from.

4. Nyx lip and cheek color. Seconding the nona above. I haven’t worn this but it looks versatile!

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