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Anonymous 16591

When I bend over I can kind of see and feel my coccyx/tailbone sticking out slightly. I never noticed this before until now. I feel so self conscious now, especially about the thought of having sex. Does anyone else have this or am I just a freak?

Anonymous 16592

>does anyone else have a coccyx
just you sis

Anonymous 16595

my coccyx is broken cyz u fell on it and now it's bend in weirs ways too dw about it nona

Anonymous 16601

Don't worry nona, someone who truly loves you will find your unique features (even the ones you don't like) endearing and cute. I'm sure it isn't as bad as you feel it is. Based on pictures online it is just rare-ish and not very noticeable. Doesn't look bad to me at all. If you really dislike it I've noticed people who build a lot of muscle and gain weight stop having a visible spine (concealed by all the extra cushion). But it isn't necessary imo.

Anonymous 16602

Focus on your own pleasure instead of his visuals. What he sees isn't important, certaintly not more than your pleasure. It's not your body that's faulty, it's your mindset.

Sorry but I really want to slap some sense into women when they're so deeply concerned with how they look during sex. Is that your sexuality? Is that what you get or want to get out of sex, looking good for your partner instead of getting your pleasure?

Anonymous 16610

My tail bone sticks out a lot even when I'm not bent over. If it isn't painful don't worry about it.

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