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Anonymous 16841

this video made me realize two things:
1- some styles only fit a certain ethnicity
2 - maybe people who bleach their skin have a point

Anonymous 16848


Anonymous 16865


Sorry. Too much.

Anonymous 16866

>maybe people who bleach their skin have a point
White supremacy is a thing in every non-white country. Laugh at it, but it's true

Anonymous 16869

Advocating for women to adhere to beauty standards (outside of health and hygiene related standards) is unbased and more cringe than wearing goofy fashion. Women with dark skin are cute and hot in my opinion.

I am neither pale nor dark myself, just a women-in-our-natural-states enjoyer. Any dark women reading this, please take care.

Anonymous 16874

Anonymous 16875

>some styles only fit a certain ethnicity
Absolutely but I'm surprised it took you this long to realize that. You never noticed how Western white girls look awkward in j-fashion? I say this as a white girl myself, most of us are too tall and broad-framed to look good in overly frilly, cutesy j-fashion clothes. That's a neutral statement btw, lots of Japanese girls don't look good in clothes that look ideal on taller white girls.

Anonymous 16877

There are plenty of petite and small-framed girls in Europe, as well as big and broad Japanese girls. It's not about ethnicity when it comes to fashion and dressing yourself well, it's about body types.

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