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Any ways to supress your appetite? Anonymous 16845

I've been eating a bit out if control these past few days and I notice myself eating because I feel like it and not because I'm actually hungry. I used to just eat when hungry. I'm not sure what exactly happened. It makes me uncomfortable and I notice myself snacking on unhealthy foods more. I tend to cathegorize foods as bad/good even though I should know better that it's more complicated. I've heard that apparently unhealthy foods do something to your insulin levels which makes you hungrier than you should be? I'm not sure. Are there ways to supress your appetite? I don't want to end up eating bad either but I'm not sure if I can stick to a strict diet because of my social environnement. I've tried waiting it out but it doesn't seem to be very effective… sometimes it works and sometimes it just doesn't. BTW not an anachan.

Anonymous 16846

Drink plain tea. Snack on low calorie vegetables.

Anonymous 16851

Protein shakes

Anonymous 16852

Drink a lot of water

Anonymous 16855

Do cardio, walk outside, make protein shakes with bubbles using water and egg whites or gelatine (makes bubbles too). Air will expand your stomach which causes satiety. Avoid drinking coffee and tea since it can make your stomach more acidic.

Anonymous 16856

Thank you for the advice. I already drink a lot of water (and juice) and it does help. The downside is having to pee all the time.

>Avoid drinking coffee and tea since it can make your stomach more acidic.
Shoot I love both! Is it really a problem if the stomach is more acidic?

Anonymous 16859

I don't know if it applies to everybody but it kind of makes me think I'm hungry which is not the case. You can flush excess acid with more water with salt. Also in your op you asked about insulin. There are two other significant hormones such as ghrelin and leptin. Read about ketogenic diets in relation to controlling insulin. General advice here is to avoid junk food if you snack. Processed food and carbs always make you hungry.

Anonymous 16860

Thank you for the advice! Would you say snacking on fruits and vegetables should be okay?

Anonymous 16879


Long story shot it short circuits membrane in mitochondria, so all the energy from consumed food will not go into making you fatter but into making you hotter. People have bioled themselves alive by taking it or starved themselves to death on full stomach and that is why they don’t sell it at every corner. But it can be used safely you just need to know what you are doing (coupple semesters of clinical biochemistry will suffice) and get it from a trustworthy supplier not some chink.

Apparently it is explosive too. Fun stuff this chemical.

Anonymous 16881

High protein diets in combination with a fiber supplement like metamucil keeps me full enough to stick to 1 or 2 meals a day. Forcing myself to eat slow also helped

If you want to go the chemical route, if you can get it, moderate doses of sudafed (pseudoephedrine, the behind the counter one, not the phenyl-snake oil they sell out front) can cut out hunger entirely. Not a good approach longer term though

Anonymous 16883

Glow any harder

Anonymous 16884

ingesting chemicals i know nothing about is a bit scary nona lol… i know you asked me to take some biochem classes but that's just too unrealistic of a request atm lmao

Anonymous 16885

What's up with this? Not OP but food seems to never be filling anymore. I use to be able to eat one or two big meals a day but it seems like I'll eat a large dinner around 8 and then suddenly wake up ravenous and it seems to be the same with other people I asked

Anonymous 16895

What do you usually eat? How active are you?

Anonymous 16896

The normal three square meals a day with a good amount of carbs and protein and I take a multivitamin. It's been happening to other people too though

Anonymous 16897

maybe im schizoing but could it be long term psychological effects from the pandemic and lockdowns? cuz i'm surprised to see other people have the struggle too

Anonymous 16898

Can't be, the lockdown here was a literal joke and all that happened was Walmart stopped being open 24/7 and there was a small period where most restaurants were takeout only. Id imagine it happening in China or something even worse where lockdowns were literal shit storms. I feel like it's the overly processed food getting to everyone since it's all filler and your body is telling you need more. I also noticed American food is hella addictive, in other countries if you pick up a small snack you're satisfied now it seems like most Americans can't stop binging

Anonymous 16899

I have the same problem and I'm trying to stop it because it's a big dent on my finances. Unfortunately part of it is self-control but doing these have made it easier:

-Drinking coffee (with milk idk if it matters), caffeine is known to help suppress appetite, I also like to drink tea too (rooibos is my personal fav) because warm beverages can ease hunger
-Drinking diet soda (yeah it's unhealthy, but it's optional)
-Drink water
-Eating protein rich foods like protein bars and yogurts (I can't cook, but if you can lean meats like chicken will definitely be good too). Protein rich foods are known to be sating and keep you feeling full for longer period
-Apples, I find them pretty sating too

Anonymous 16900

Forgot to add on the protein part is be careful to not overdo it though, especially if you've been diagnosed with any kidney problem. 0.8 grams per kg is enough, even less if you don't actively workout.

Anonymous 16902

TYSM for the advice nona <3 i will be sure to try!!!

Anonymous 16903

All good advice besides for the diet soda part. At least for some people.

Anonymous 16904

What constitutes as a "square meal" for you?

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