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Question from a fashion noob Anonymous 16890

Why is it that some fashion trends look bad on me but some others fit me to a T?

I love alt fashion with fishnet tights, lots of black and dark jeans and edgy prints, but I just can't pull it off. The Instagram Baddie style, for example, also looks bad on me, like I'm just playing dress up and stole the clothes from another person. It doesn't scream "me".

Anyone else have the same problem? Does it have to do with Kibbe body types? Face shapes? Are there any unwritten rules that fashion noobs like me should know about?

Anonymous 16891

you likely have softer features and should play into it more. if i wore the goth ig baddie makeup & clothes i'd look absolutely foolish bc i have an oval face, big round eyes, a round nose, and generally softer features. you skin's undertones also may not suit black/cool colors. it's generally a combination of things

Anonymous 16892

Could be the colours that don't look good on your complexion, could be the clothes that don't work for your body type, could be a matter of lacking confidence, could be a combination of these factors.

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