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FITNESS GENERAL Anonymous 1837

What are your fitness goals?

What are your workouts like?

Need a form check?

What are your favourite/least favourite exercises?

Anonymous 1838

/fit/ noob here, I know spot reduction is a myth, but I'm skinnyfat with big thighs/ass and would like to be a bit more proportionate? halp

Anonymous 1839

I have a severe running addiction. I hate running or any other type of exercise but I just can't stop. They say it's a positive addiction but it actually screws with your health. v_v

Anonymous 1840

I'm trying to get in the habit of running. Any tips?

Anonymous 1841

I'm following the blogilates beginner's calendar because I'm 2poor for anything else and I hate running/working out around other people.

I really like Cassey and her workout program, on my first week and slowly starting to add in some of her other routines.

Anonymous 1842


Sounds like cardio would be great for you, esp. using the step machine!

Anonymous 1843

Thank you! My mom has a stepping machine collecting dust in a spare room, I might ask for it!

Anonymous 1844

Machine training twice a week, counting calories and macros everyday. 2016 was my weight loss year (lost 22 lbs), 2017 I'm building up muscle. Got a bit of biceps showing and it feels great. People who haven't seen me in a while tell me I look different. I /feel/ different too.

Anonymous 1845

Only thing comes to mind is running with proper shoes. It's the easiest work out ever, you'll figure it out. Good luck.

Anonymous 1846

I want to get to about 20-21 BMI and strengthen my pre-existing musculature (because let's face it, i doubt im building any new muscle mass with my calorie deficit) to define my hourglass figure better. So far it's working.

I do cardio but have been doing more weight training lately.

Anonymous 1847

I've been lifting for a year now, got some nice results without even noticing.

My biggest issue however is eating enough food. I just can't eat a lot within a shot time and I can't spend too much money on food, not to mention there isn't a lot of variety here. I have to count calories, otherwise I under eat A LOT and lose weight really fast. Sucks, but they say that fitness is a lifestyle, so.

I enjoy leg day. Like, a lot lol. I do legs x3 times per week and upper body x2. Sadly I gain really really slowly in my upper body. You can still see my chest bones while my legs are thick af, which is rather weird.

Another big issue I have is that I'm afraid to use the barbell(s). Our gym is really small, I have anxiety, and the barbells and plates are all located in the "main room", where everyone is, or it's always cramped and I hate possibly disturbing anyone during their workout since I know it's annoying. And I can't really drag the barbell into the cardio room where I usually am lol

My current goals are to get up tot 55kg and then maintain, gain some definition and START CARDIO. I loathe cardio with all my heart but I really have to start working on my endurance/stamina.

Anonymous 1848

Does anyone have an idea how to train the muscles in your neck? It's my greatest weakness and I'm afraid that my bad posture makes it worse and I will look like some turtle when I don't do anything about it

Anonymous 1849

I'm not a big fan of BB.com, but they have a good database when it comes to exercises; https://www.bodybuilding.com/exercises/finder/lookup/filter/muscle/id/6/muscle/neck

You should also work on your upper back/posture if you aren't already doing so.

Anonymous 1850

I want to look good tbh, I'm too skinny. But I don't want to look 'curvy' sexy.

I want fetish-level legs. That look good in stockings and skirts. Its not popular now but that is what I think looks good. Sad that calves are so heavily determined by genetics

Anonymous 1851

What do you consider fetish-level legs, anon? I've never heard such thing, probably because I'm really short.

Anonymous 1852

Another anon who would like to get into running.

>>I seriously don't even know where I am supposed to go (on the sidewalk, at a park with kids?), and am scared of creepy guys following me.

Anonymous 1853


Not too lean, not too chunky. Shapely, accentuated with hoisery and skirts/dresses

Anonymous 1854


Or like so; I think nice legs can look very sensual without being as aggressively sexual as tits or ass

Anonymous 1855

And this is why getting health and fitness advice from an anonymous imageboard is bad.

Anonymous 1856

Don't if you're overweight.

Anonymous 1857

they have some good advice

That's why you have to use common sense and take everything with a spoon of salt

Anonymous 1858

>use common sense
Such as don't ask for health and fitness advice on an anonymous imageboard?

Anonymous 1859


Agreed! I find legs to have some sort of feminine allure, I guess in a girlish and demure way? I love showing off my legs because I don't have much in way of boobs or butt since I'm lanky.

Anonymous 1860

Not overweight- just want to make good habits.

Anonymous 1861

Jogging can be great for your heart but really bad for your knees if you're not careful. I used to be a jogger but then I switched to powerwalking and cycling and honestly I like it a lot better.

Anonymous 1862

Do squats really make your butt bigger/more toned?

Anonymous 1863


I heard hip thrusts are better. I genetically have an awful butt, but I'm underweight. Even at a healthy weight, my butt was pretty flat. I've been doing squats with little success. I'd like to know this as well.

>telling myself it's okay if I have no ass, there are people with no butt who are still cute

Anonymous 1864

It does work, for some slower and for some faster.
But don't just do squats, do lunges, deadlifts, hip thrusts as well. There are tons of variations.

But you WILL have to eat more if you want to build a booty and lift heavy(ier).

Anonymous 1865

Thank you, anons! I'm starting to improve my workouts so this is going to help me a lot.

>But you WILL have to eat more if you want to build a booty and lift heavy(ier).

This is going to be the problem. Ugh.

Anonymous 1866

I'm concerned that it will just make me fat in my stomach. Should I make sure I'm doing cardio or what? How do I prevent this?

Anonymous 1867

Well it all depends where you gain
But if you're working out it's a bit hard to "just get fat", at least in my experience. Bulking isn't that easy (imo) and you don't just balloon up fast. You will gain some fat tho, it can't just all be turned into muscle but then again, you can lose fat

You can increase your intake slowly so you'll start to noticing where you gain primarly but it could take way longer to achieve what you want.

Or you could just increase your intake, gain the amount of muscle you want and then switch to maintenance to gain definition.

But yea, the cardio part is a good idea, just don't overdo it (burn more than you eat etc)

Fitness is really a lot about experimenting, so what works for x might not work for y and it takes some trial and error

I've got the same issue. What I found to help is eating a really big and good breakfast, so I don't have to eat too much or too often during the day but still hitting my calories and macros

Anonymous 1868

If you increase your intake whilst working out you shouldn't get a fat stomach, but it all depends on what areas of your body you're working and how much you're working them.

I think what you'd benefit from is considering yourself from a more physiological perspective. Start equating food with energy entering into your body, and working out not as energy leaving the body (because energy is never lost, only transferred), but rather being redirected to areas you're powering. If you take a lot of energy into your body when not powering these areas, what it does is distribute itself all over your body in the form of fat.
What's good about muscular development though is unlike fat, which is incapable of being spot reduced, you can spot increase specific muscles on your body. Working out your core won't reduce your chances of developing a fat stomach if you're eating more than you expend, but what it will do is provide a firmer, stronger foundation for any fat to distribute itself along.

Anonymous 1869

I know everyone says you can't spot reduce but when I was younger my body was very unbalanced because I was lazy AF, apart from my legs which were tiny AF. I used to walk to and from school every day a good few miles (rural hometown feels), I always thought that would be why?

So in theory… if I mega went mental with arm workouts, I could have skinny arms?

Anonymous 1870

No, you had super muscular arms lol (depending on how you'd eat and how much you'd lift)

You can do low weight low rep or bodyweight exercises, but the won't slim down unless they're the first to go, so it could take you a while and you'll gain some muscle if you only do arms

Anonymous 1871

Are there any workout that only target hips and not the butt? Thanks, miners!

Anonymous 1872

The whole thing's connected so I'd say no, not really.
I've bee doing some exercises that target the hips and gained some muscle. It's not a huge difference, but it's there.

[spoiler]http://dontletthemcallyouskinny.tumblr.com/post/104769202292/can-you-weight-train-to-get-wider-hips-yes-of is what I used to get started[/sppoiler]

Anonymous 1873


Just any went to the gym for the first time in a year and damn does it feel good to get back in the saddle.
At the moment I'm just doing 1 hour 3 x weekly (30 mins cardio / 30 mins resistance), Mon, Wed, Fri w/ swimming on Saturdays. I'm hoping to bump it up to 6 hours per week total after building up my stamina first, but whew lass, I just feel great. I completely forgot how addictive working out is and I'm just lying on my bed now recovering and basking in the endorphin glow.

I've also decided to start intermittent fasting again and I've downloaded an Android app to aid in it this time, but it's pretty basic, essentially just a timer. Does anybody have any good fitness app reccs?

Picture unrelated.

Anonymous 1874


Any anons have some running tips?

My biggest issue right now are my ankles, they bend in a bit like in pic related. When I run I try to land more on the outer part of the foot, so I end up actually landing normally.

However, my ankles seem to be sore from doing that? And not doing that just gives me ankle pain. So like, what the hell do I do?

Anonymous 1875

What kind of shoes do you have? I recommend getting good ones that are specifically made for people with pronation problems. Obviously they don't fix everything automatically but might help.

Anonymous 1876


Pic related. Champion Shell A. They're pretty stable at the top and alright for trail running, since there aren't a lot of places where I can run.
I'll look a bit more into it, thanks, maybe talk to a doctor since we don't have "shoe fitting" stores here. I've also found a few exercises which might help.

Anonymous 1877

Sorry, don't have any app recommendations but
>that pic
She has a super nice butt. Does anyone know how /fit/ butts like that feel? Are they even soft or do they feel more firm/hard?

Anonymous 1878

Firm but still soft. And super hard when flexed lol

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