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Mono Diet Anonymous 1937

Inspired by >>39

Mono Dieting consists of eating only one food item for a prolonged period of time.
Can be beneficial for controlling cravings, resetting taste buds, and weight loss.
Ask for advice and post your results within this thread.

Anonymous 1938

I'm going to make a bonito-based clear soup and try this out for at least a week starting tomorrow!

With that said, I'm not sure it technically counts as a mono since it's a full recipe and not just an individual food item. Opinions?

Anonymous 1939

Has anyone tried Soylent, Huel or other nutritional shake things?

Anonymous 1940

>prolonged period of time
Dude… I was the person who posted the video and I'm pretty certain doing it for more than a few weeks is a bad idea.

Other than that, I'm not sure what advice there is to even be given. Just eat something bland. If you want more details to his diet plan have a look at https://nutritionalyeast.quora.com. It's someone else who did the same thing. And just to be clear I don't buy half the ratiocination behind ray cronise (metabolic winter hypothesis) and joel fuhrman (nutrient density)'s diet advice.

Anonymous 1941

I used to mono diet when I was facing a plateau. It does help you lose, but it isn't sustainable in the long run, I feel. I only ever did egg, coconut oil, or dark chocolate monos. I've heard people doing "split monos", but I don't think they work that well and it seems like it would defeat the purpose…

Anonymous 1942

If this gets ana-channy, I'm not gonna be happy.

Anonymous 1943

I'm actually really scared of any thread becoming too ana-chan…or a thinspo thread popping up

Anonymous 1944


Mods wont let that happen.

Anonymous 1945

Why would the mods not allow it?

Anonymous 1946

Are you really asking why mods wouldn't allow pro ana content? Or did you mean something else?

Anonymous 1947

Not to be a bitch, but yes? There isn't a rule about it and people are already being cunts in other threads, so why wouldn't they allow ana posting?

Anonymous 1948


Go back to MPA.

This board is for health. As in, healthy ways to lose and gain weight.

Anonymous 1949

I'm not saying I want to post about it. My point was there isn't a rule about it. How are we to know mods won't allow it? Maybe someone wants to talk about their struggles with an eating disorder. Is that going to upset someone?

>/health/ - Health

>Health, nutrition, diets, sports, and everything related
Diets are unhealthy and cause weight cycling. Better ban them.

Anonymous 1950

First you talk about pro-ana and then about diets, they arent the same thing necessarily. If a diet consists of eating healthy in good doses, is different than a diet that consists on eating 200 calories a day . You know exactly what you were implying before.

Anonymous 1951

Well…an ed vent thread would probably be alright. For venting. But we already have a thread for venting so there's that.

And as the other user stated diets=/=pro ana, eds

But I think you made a good point about not having it in the rules, which I think should be added

Anonymous 1952

Where exactly is the line drawn between ED discussion and something that's perceived as ana-posting exactly because I've never been able to tell?
I wouldn't have a problem with having an ED discussion general thread personally, for people to share their experiences and their feelings. It's important for people to share mutual ground in what is an overwhelmingly isolating illness, and ngl it's probably something I would post in too if I'm honest.

Anonymous 1953

Imo, anything that encourages unhealthy behaviour.
Ex. 800cal diets, dumb ana quotes "eating will make you fat", bragging abou how underweight you are/were, any tips on how to purge or starve, post pics of obviously underweight/sick girls calling them goals, omg im x height and y weight im sooo fat (while its obviously underweight) etc

It's a fine line but it's not that hard not to cross it

Idk, other anons might can add to it

Anonymous 1954

I agree with everything except the 800 calorie diet part. That isn't ana posting imo, that's just posting about about your intake that day and is kind of what you'd typically find in an ED thread.

Anonymous 1955

Look, I apologize for being catty. I'm probably just being pedantic. Maybe we should move this discussion somewhere else?

We have some people discussing the Atkins diet in a different thread, which maybe isn't a healthy diet in a number of ways, but isn't really on the same level as a starvation diet. Both are not good diets in that same way that a diet isn't sustainable.

But, I mean, not all people who suffer from anorexia eat "200 calories" a day. It can be more than that, like overexercising, avoiding specific food groups/having fear foods, etc.

>omg im x height and y weight im sooo fat (while its obviously underweight) etc
Isn't there a bit of this type of talk happening in the body type thread? I think on a girl-centric image board, there's bound to be a tiny bit of weird body image stuff going on. I don't mean full pro-ana but it can't be helped.

Anyway, thanks for adding the rule.

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