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Alternative Sports Anonymous 1956

Who here does alternative sports?

I hate going to the gym/doing regular fitness classes so I usually try to find something a bit different to get my exercise!

Horseback riding, rock climbing, dance, and whatever else can be categorized as alternative sports are super fun and usually provide a different type of exhaustion in my opinion, I love doing them!

Anonymous 1957

weave dat basket.j…

I've always wanted to learn underwater basketweaving tbh, but can't imagine it would be accepted to practice in public pools.

Anonymous 1958


Maybe a Trapeze class? Live out your childhood fantasy of joining a circus.

Anonymous 1959

Fuck horseback riding and fuck the associated people. The sport is a cancer that attracts nutcases.

I've worked professionally with top riders and that was cool, but anything below that was absolute horseshit.

Anonymous 1960

Idk where you rode but everyone I've met while riding/associated with riding has been really nice.

I've met a few cringey horse women (v obsessed with their horses, overcharge for shit, a bit uppity) but other than that people are normal.

Anonymous 1961

Mostly their treatment of horses as these precious little creatures that are mamas little pumpkins who do no wrong. They don't let their horses live a horses life. Most riders are horrible and do more harm for the horse than help. (Constrict frontal movement, hang on the reins, slouch all over and tug). Sorry, I'm just venting since frustrated. It's a nice sport but, eh I'm a sperg.

Anonymous 1962


Fuck, I hate exercise for the sake of exercise, like the gym or going for walks/runs. I went a decade without exercising regularly because I hate it so much. But for the last 7 months I've been figure skating, I picked it up because of Yuri on Ice kek but turns out I fucking love it. I'm taking it seriously and progressing pretty quick too, I started learning axels tonight. I picked up ballet too, I did it as a teenager but dropped it after a few years and I'm remembering how good it is. It'd be nice to get back en pointe eventually.

I'm genuinely SO relieved that I found sports I enjoy, I was worried for my health because I just couldn't motivate myself to work out otherwise. I constantly look forward to them and want to do them regardless of whether or not they make me lose weight, which is a big contrast to the dread I'd feel about going to the gym and the pressure I felt to get weight loss results from it.

Anonymous 3600

I want to try roller derby, but I'm afraid having been sedentary for so long it might break me.

Anonymous 3613

I did HEMA for a few months and would really love to do it again when I can. It's basically kendo but with longswords.

Anonymous 3687

I used to do tae kwon do and I'm trying to pick it back up. Fencing is a really fun sport I always recommend, the only annoying thing is getting the gear

Anonymous 3688

this is lowkey really inspiring

Anonymous 3702

I did archery in my early teen years because I wanted to live the high fantasy life but I gave it up when my depression got bad and getting up early on a Sunday morning became impossible. I keep thinking I should take it up again because I still have all the kit (and I've not grown since then) but joining a club is difficult because they're filled with older men and I just don't fit in.

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