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How to be more physically attractive? Anonymous 2024

What things have you done to yourself that made you feel like you're more beautiful now?

I remember that years ago I completely changed my hair and got rid of my braces and thick glasses, and that completely changed the way I saw myself and how guys looked at me.

Any suggestions and ideas?
Do you know anyone who was an ugly duckling before? What did they change?
What's your story? What things would you change if you could?

Hitting the gym and going on a diet (if necessary) are obvious things, but you can mention them too.

Anonymous 2026

ugly duckling here!


I take really good care of my skin, i have a multi-step routine that I do every single night/morning and I make sure to wear sunscreen every day.
>other hygiene
brushing and flossing obviously, but also every sunday (before the week starts) I'll thread my eyebrows/upper lip (by myself - it's really easy) and do my nails. Typically I'll give myself some French tips.
I try to keep around 1000 calories a day, and that gets me to a weight that I like. I also walk around quite a bit every day and 6 days of the week I spend 30 minutes doing body weight exercises to tone up
I also drink ~3L of water every day, keep my alcohol consumption to a minimum, and try to go for a good balance of carbs/protein/fat
I buy more quality items less frequently, things that I know I'll wear, and I take good care of my clothes
since my skin is nice now I don't really need much other than some concealer over some acne scars that are still in the process of fading (and below my eyes), and eyeliner. I'll wear lip balm and clear mascara too
I don't go on Facebook any more and I don't go on Instagram to interact with people (I mostly follow photography accounts, or artists/designers). that's my only social media.

I make my hobbies more productive than consumptive. for example, i write programs instead of watching tv or reading a book.

it also helps to sit up /stand up straight!

sorry if this is all over the place, I hope it is useful :)

Anonymous 2028

yoooooo how did you learn how to thread on your own? deets?

Anonymous 2030

After being ugly most of my life last year I turned things around by losing a lot of weight. I also try to dress better, more skirts/dresses/tights and the like. I never used to show my legs and always wore a cardigan before, but now I show a bit more skin.

I was always fine with hygiene and skincare, but over time my skin naturally got better in terms of break outs and the like. I will say I am starting to show signs of aging (dreaded nasolabial lines) which is annoying the fuck out of me (perhaps as a result of weight loss) because like I said, I was always super careful about skincare ever since I was very young. I wear less makeup now but I do it better, so I think that about evens out. I usually go for the all-natural look, so just a tiny bit of eyeliner, mascara, primer and that's it.

Still, to sum it all up, getting in better shape was the big thing.

Anonymous 2036

it's really easy. there are lots of tutorials on youtube, this one is basically how I do it

Anonymous 2039

images (1).jpg

I want your ideas and tips to complete my transformation after a big weight loss :3

Keep em coming, please

Anonymous 2044

Would you feel comfortable sharing how much weight you lost? I have about 15 extra pounds I want to lose, but I'm worried about the effects on my face (signs of 'aging' increasing like you said).

I mean not that it matters because I need to lose it anyways, but I've always worried about my face looking gaunt or extra skin.

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