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Undies General Anonymous 2123

Where do you guys shop for undies? It's so hard to find cute girly styles in the west, but I'm wary about buying from random taobao sellers.

Anonymous 2126

Victoria's Secret usually. They can have some pretty cute stuff if u look hard enough. What kinda of styles are you looking for anon?

Anonymous 2127


I tried VS but online it looked like most of their cutest undies were thongs. I like cotton briefs like in the OP. I'm super tempted to buy some on ebay because I found some really cute ones but I'm not sure how worried I should be about what the undies are made of if the listing says it's 100% cotton. Has anyone bought undies from ebay sellers before?

Anonymous 2356

American Eagle/Aerie underwear is on sale all the time. I just got 8 for $3.50 each and they're all cute and comfy.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 2371

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